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If you’re a shoe lover, like me, you like good shoes that last a while, but for a reasonable price. I mean, what’s not to like about shoes? The different styles for different occasions, as well as bringing a little joy into your life. Finding the right shoes can already be difficult and staying within your price range can be stressful as well, which is why this list consists of different styles of shoes from stores with great prices!

Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom rack sometimes gets the rep for having expensive shoes, but for the most part, you can get all their boots and booties at great deals/prices! Familiar brands such as UGG, Sperry and Campbell are sold at Nordstrom rack at a cheaper price than from the direct company! Besides the fact that these boots are from high-quality brands, the price is a gift considering the shoes last a great deal and they don’t get worn out too easily. Nordstrom Rack has a huge range of prices with hundreds of shoe selections that it’s nearly impossible to not find shoes that match the style you are looking for even if it’s not boots! The boot selection includes knee-high boots, winter weather boots, rain boots, lace-ups and many more!


This footwear store sells designer shoes for discounted prices and although some of the shoes are on the expensive side, their clearance has great deals! Discounts can go anywhere from 20 – 75 percent off and the brands provided are comfortable and stylish. Any of these department stores provide discounts that actually make a real difference between the pricing of the brand name when compared to these stores. D.S.W. has cute shoes than include professional shoes, flats and heels! Heels are one of their more popular options and if you’re also looking for comfortable running shoes, this is a good place to start looking!

Lord & Taylor

Sandals and platforms are a big selection at Lord & Taylor especially during the summer for this department store. The variety of colors, styles and uses (special occasions) give the store an advantage over other places that sell high-quality brand names for a discounted price! Comfort and style are two of the big worries when finding a shoe that looks nice as well as seeing if you’ll last more than a few hours in them! Great prices are a little tougher to find here, but if you keep looking, you’ll eventually come across a style in your price range!

Any category of shoes that you are looking for can be found in several department shoe stores, which offer great prices for comfortable shoes! Different types and styles of shoes can be found at discounts in other department stores besides the ones listed above. Good luck finding the right pair for you and happy shopping!

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