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Creative Costumes spotted – 2011 Halloweekend

On Halloween, people are expected to see numerous French maids, police women, play boy bunnies, and sexy nurses. This year, Her Campus VCU wanted to highlight the creativity shown by the people who put these costumes together. Halloween weekend there were sexy, cute, innovative, and comical costumes spotted all over VCU’s campus. Costumes ranged from Katy Perry, a Jelly Belly guy, a Hershey kisses box, and even a stylish bunny rabbit. Below are photographs of a few costumes that caught our eye this Halloween weekend.

Mymy Dinh is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, pursuing a career in pharmacy. Born on January 20, 1992, she is the second oldest out of 5 children. She is also majoring in science with a double minor in chemistry and biology. She enjoys volunteer work, being around her family, organizing desks and rooms, shopping, meeting new people, and traveling.
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