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Ciarra Dumalo

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

1.    What is your full name?
Ciarra Dumalo

2.    What year are you?
Super Senior! 

3.    What is your zodiac sign?

4.    What do you aspire to be?
Happy, healthy, humble.

5.    What do you define as “beauty” in a girl?
Being comfortable in her own skin; Every girls different and we all have flaws, but she’s beautiful if she likes who she is, flaws and all.

6.    What are you best and worst physcial features?
 Best- Legs. Worst- arms ! -__-

7.    What is your beauty go-to or must have?
A BRUSH! I have way too much hair to skip a beat with my brush. Also, Burt’s Bee’s Rhubarb Lip Shimmer :)

8.    What are your secrets to staying so cute?
Hmmm…my personality? Lol, I guess I’d say keeping honesty and health priorities. You stress less when you’re always honest with yourself and others, and you look good when you feel & do good.

9.    What are your turn offs and turn ons in a guy?
Turn offs- arrogance, immaturity
Turn ons- a dude who’s not afraid to be himself…being genuine, funny, and loyal.

10. If you were stuck on a deserted island for a period of time, what 3 items would you take?
Oh man this is hard…Hmm…Running shoes. Underwear. Toothbrush. Ha.

11. What is your relationship status?
Oh, boy…I’d say my heart’s healing, open, and on reserve—all at the same time (facebook lingo: its complicated).

12. What is your favorite piece of literature?
Honestly, I appreciate classic literature but none have inspired me in ways that other pieces have. Right now a recent favorite book, though: Way of a Peaceful Warrior (thanks Dr. McCreary!)

13. How do you deal with stress?
Running/working out or drawing for sure, and definitely turning to my few trues :)

14. What has been the worst and best dates you have been on?
Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever had a “bad” date—just all learning experiences that were fun even if only when looking back on it. Best date, effort wise- One to NY on Valentines Day weekened :]

15. What events or accomplishments would have to take place in order for you to define yourself as successful?
For me, to be able to support myself and my family, love what I do, to “give back”, and have a great relationship with God.

Mymy Dinh is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, pursuing a career in pharmacy. Born on January 20, 1992, she is the second oldest out of 5 children. She is also majoring in science with a double minor in chemistry and biology. She enjoys volunteer work, being around her family, organizing desks and rooms, shopping, meeting new people, and traveling.