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Christmas in October

For all those Christmas enthusiasts like myself that watch Christmas in July specials and your favorite Christmas movie year-round, now is the time to start preparing for the joyous holiday season ahead.

October is the best time to start budgeting for all the wonderful gifts you have in store for your loved ones. Fall sales have begun at most stores as they begin to transition from the autumn to winter season. In particular, QVC starts their Christmas season quite early; they advertise gifts for a variety of ages and interests such as cooking sets, skin care products and gaming devices. It may seem early, but you’ll be thanking yourself when you don’t have to stand in those god-awful lines on Black Friday, or when your bank account runs dry because you waited too long and spent all your money along the way.

Halloween is the perfect occasion to show your Christmas spirit. Consider a zombie elf, Mrs. Clause or a Christmas tree jack o’lantern costume. If you’re trying to keep it sassy, try a Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer costume.

What better way to celebrate Christmas in October than by watching your favorite frightening Christmas flicks such as “A Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Krampus.” Personally, I love cuddling up under my blankets while watching my favorite Harry Potter movie, most of which are set during the Christmas season, where snow is plentiful and family and friends are ever-present.

If you’re itching to put your tree up, but feel that it’s too early, considering decorating the tree with Halloween and fall themed ornaments. Also, recognize that Halloween candy doesn’t necessarily need to be Halloween themed. Instead of keeping a bowl of candy eyeballs and chocolate bars, set out a bowl of candy canes mixed with Christmas colored candy corn.

Again, it may seem early, but don’t be ashamed to express your love for the Christmas season. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being kind, jolly and generous year-round.

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