The Best Albums to Listen to in the Fall

Fall is a time for spiced cider, crisp evenings and of course, excellent rock music. These albums are perfect for achieving the ultimate fall mood. 

1. "Odyssey and Oracle" by The Zombies

This 1968 classic album is full of sweet feelings and young love, just like the feeling that comes with a new semester (for some of us). The album has themes of rebirth and returns, just like how the earth begins to return to its barren form in the fall. The Zombies were a British group who had most of their success with singles such as "Time of the Season" and "She's Not There." "Odyssey and Oracle" is more experimental and psychedelic than the band's previous works, and is considered a cult favorite.

2. "Sweetheart of the Rodeo" by The Byrds

Although this country rock masterpiece features very few original songs by the band, it has become an icon. To me, it goes with the fall season due to it's "down home" qualities reminiscent of cozy nights with family while the leaves change color.

3. "AM" by Arctic Monkeys

"AM"'s dark aesthetic highlighting being out at night in the wee hours of the day go well with the whole Daylight Savings Time premature darkness that no one is ready for. It's also a fantastic album.

4. The Left Banke's Self Titled Album

This album is perfect for the fall with its crooning vocals and more intense lyrics, also reminiscent of darkness and change. The Left Banke had two major hits in 1966 with "Walk Away Renee" and "Pretty Ballerina."

5. "Head" by The Monkees

The soundtrack to The Monkees' 1968 film is bizarre and psychedelic, without being non-approachable. The film is silly and full of pretty scenery and odd sequences, and the soundtrack will leave you equally as entranced and stupified. This album is strange and represented a change in the music industry, just like the seasonal change of fall.

6. "Somersault" by Beach Fossils

The 2017 album by Beach Fossils tells various tales of depressive episodes and floundering love, without being too dreary. Sentimental is more like it. And sweet.

7. "El Camino" by The Black Keys

Fall = soul and togetherness, and Dan Auerbach's vocals are nothing but pure soul. El Camino has the feeling of a dangerous outing on a slightly dark fall evening and it's simply irresistible.

I recommend listening to each album all the way through first and then make the perfect fall playlist with your favorite songs. Happy listening!