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Ask Your Gay Best Friend: All Your Questions Answered With a Sassy Twist

I’m not going to tell you my name. Honestly, that’s the best way to go about this. Especially if you want the advice you’d get from the stereotypical “gay best friend” (blunt, honest, yet still loving, but of course, really funny). You’re not going to be allowed to know me. I’m worried that if you know me, it’ll ruin the relationship we have because oh my gosh, we’re already best friends! Lets keep it that way!

My purpose here is to offer advice. This is an advice column with a sassy twist. By all means ask me anything! I can answer questions ranging from what shoes go best with an outfit, how to handle your parents’ divorce, to figuring out if your boyfriend is gay (in some way or another). I’m here to support you, so by all means, ladies and gentlemen, ask me anything!

Btw, I’m absolutely IN LOVE with Lady GaGa. I know that’s random but I’m sorry, I can’t help it. 

Send your questions to [email protected]; I’ll answer them as soon as possible! I’ll email my answer(s) back to you, then it will be posted here and on my personal blog, askyourgaybestfriend.wordpress.com. If it makes it easier for you to give me a name, you can address your letters to Cheddar. Talk to you soon! <3

– & guys probably do, too. 

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