All the Times the Obama Family Won My Heart

No matter what your political views are, there's no denying that the First Family has amazing charm and charisma. The Obama family has been the face of our nation for the past eight years and have filled that image with poise, grace, beauty and lots and lots of humour. Also, they're just so cool. How could they not capture all of America's heart? 

1. Let's just start with how much Barack and Michelle killed it at every event. 

They were always dressed perfectly, no matter what the occasion. 

2. Malia and Sasha always killed it as well. 

Like, come on. How can one family possibly have such great genetics? 

3. How does your heart not swell up when you watch Barack Obama interacting with small children?

He just always looks so happy to be around children. Does anyone else remember when he totally lost his cool when he saw a little kid dressed as the Pope?

4. Let's not forget about how adorable Michelle is when she's interacting with children. 

MY HEART. It's just so cute. 

5. How could your heart not swell up with pride after seeing Sasha getting a summer job?

You go girl, don't let the haters get you down for getting a job. And speaking of haters...

6. When Malia lived her life despite all the hate because for some reason everyone kept forgetting she was a teenage girl, living her life. 

You and your sister are beauty, grace and I will punch anyone in the face that says otherwise. 

7. They've just grown into such beautiful, elegant and confident young women my heart can't even take it. 

Look at how much they've grown! 

8. And let's not forget how cool the Obama's are. Does anyone remember Obama's sick burn at his last State of the Union?


Obama has lost all chill and it is the greatest thing ever. 

9. Please tell me you've seen this Buzzfeed video. 

I just. He's so cool. 

10. Michelle did the "Evolution of Mom Dancing" with Jimmy Fallon and it was the greatest thing ever. 

Michelle has some real killer moves. 

11. But forreal, Michelle has set the bar so high and always given us something to aspire to. 

Thank you for proving that we too, can achieve our dreams and goals. 

12. Barack and Michelle keep having me think that I can really change the world with their words. 

Really though, I want to thank the Obama Family for being people that I can look up to and aspire to be like. Their words and wisdom will not soon be forgotten, as well as the poise and dignity in which they lived during their time in the White House. I am so sad to see them go, but look forward to seeing what big things they do in the future. My heart is with you all always.