Alexandria Jones

Name: Alexandria Jones

How old are you? 18

When’s your birthday? September 26th 1997

What’s your major? Cinema

Where are you from? Virginia Beach


Why did you choose VCU? Because it has an in-state cinema program.

What’s your favorite thing about VCU? The urban setting and I like the people here, they come from a lot of different backgrounds. And they have unique style, which I like. VCU is very stylish.


Where’s your favorite place to eat? Here? There aren’t many options on-campus. I’ll say Elephant Thai.

What’s your favorite TV show? Orphan Black.

What’s your favorite movie? I want to say Fight Club, but it’s basic. I’ll say Moonrise Kingdom.

Who is your favorite Disney Princess? Umm alright I’ll say, um favorite Disney Princess….I like Mulan. Because she was a bad-ass. Even though a lot were, but she like, led an army to battle. And she dresses like a boy.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be? If I could travel anywhere, I would go to Italy.

Have you ever met a celebrity? No. Well, I met Raven-Symone, but I’m not proud of that. No--I didn’t actually meet her--I was at the front row of her concert. We made eye contact.

What’s a fun fact about you? Fun fact about Alex? I collect fortune cookies. Fortunes, not the cookies--I eat them.

What’s your biggest accomplishment (so far)? Going through 7 years of IB. It was MYP/IB. 6th-10th grade was MYP and 11th to 12th grade was IB.

What’s your dream job? To work with a famous director or something.