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At the end of February, a new series based on the 2009 novel and 2011 film One Day hit Netflix. Due to being absolutely obsessed with the movie that came out over a decade ago, I was super excited to watch the series. However, between scrambling to prepare for midterms and going on an amazing spring break trip, I recently just got around to watching it last week! I was nervous that watching the series might ruin my perception of the beautifully romantic movie, but I was almost immediately proved wrong. 

Within the first two episodes, it was clear to me that the show was going to follow a very similar plot to the movie, but with refreshing and diverse characters. Both of the main characters, Dexter Mayhew and Emma Morley have very similar personalities to the movie, but seeing Emma played by a woman of color was a beautiful rendition. The actor, Ambika mod embodied the wholesome and intelligent character of Emma perfectly! There was also an enhanced version of Emma and Tilly’s friendship than seen in the novel and movie, which I feel helped build the character of Emma even more. I was happy to see that they had a more positive relationship than what had been previously portrayed in the other versions. 

Additionally, the chemistry between Mod and Leo Woodall (Dexter) is undeniably more admirable than that of the original movie. It was nearly impossible for me to tear my eyes away from the screen while watching the two interact with each other throughout the love story. I think this was particularly due to the fact that the beloved story was able to be dissected into more detail throughout each episode, similarly to the novel itself. Each moment that the two shared was represented throughout the 14 episodes in a format that allowed viewers to get a real visual insight on the emotions and daily battles the characters faced. 

With that being the case, I connected so much more deeply to the character of Emma than ever before, which made the ending so much harder to bear. The only critique I could possibly have of this series is that I wish it could have changed the dreadful ending so that I didn’t have to feel the utter heartbreak for the third time! The series also made Emma’s death occur far earlier than the movie or novel, which was upsetting to watch. But, the inclusion of Dexter’s life after Emma was informative and realistic. In the series, Emma’s family, friends, and past boyfriends come together to support Dexter after her death.

Overall, I think that the director did an immaculate job at preparing readers for this parting with Emma through a mixture of beautiful scenes and heartfelt moments between her and Dexter within episode 13. I think this was not only successful but a necessary addition to the bundle of entertainment that One Day has provided for lovers of romantic heart throbs for the last 15 years. 

Cheyenne Bellair is an aspiring public relations professional and a current junior at Virginia Commonwealth University. She plans to graduate in 2025 and obtain a career in the public relations industry, working for an in-house agency. Recently, she has interned with the Orange County Downtown Alliance and local newspapers, such as The Somerset Front Porch, to better her experience and enhance her writing skills. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and playing the piano! Some of her favorite stories to cover involve her own musical interests and live bands that are featured locally in Richmond, VA.