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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

Fall is upon us and I’m in the mood for some fall activities. Living in the South can make it hard to get in the fall spirit when it’s still warm out and the leaves aren’t changing but it’s still possible to embrace the season. Here’s my guide to all things fall as a certified New Englander. 

Make a fall playlist

It can be hard to get in the fall spirit when you are mourning the end of summer, so my first step is to listen to fall music. Harry Styles by Harry Styles is one of my favorite albums to listen to year-round but it hits different in the fall. You can add spooky songs to your playlist or just any song that gets you in the spirit of the season.

Buy a pumpkin

I know it sounds silly, but buying a pumpkin is a small thing you can do to make your home feel cozy. You can get a pumpkin from your local grocery store or go to a pumpkin patch. Put your pumpkin outside, in your room or anywhere you see fit, light a candle and embrace the fall spirit. As it gets closer to Halloween you can paint your pumpkin or carve it with friends.

Break out your sweaters

One of the best things about fall is the fashion. Break out your sweaters and pair them with a cute mini skirt and some loafers or tall boots and you will immediately be transported into the autumn spirit. I like to go through all of my fall clothes as the weather starts to cool down and make a Pinterest board to find inspiration on how to style them.

Go thrifting

Thrifting hits different in the colder seasons. I have a jacket addiction so I won’t be partaking this fall, but I love to get a new leather jacket to wear as my staple jacket for fall. It can be difficult to find the perfect leather jacket but it isn’t impossible. Try to get a headstart and go thrifting for sweaters and jackets before it gets cold enough to wear them.

Drink a hot beverage

Pumpkin spice is a fall classic and it is a necessity for most people. Go to your favorite local coffee shop and get yourself a pumpkin spice latte or any hot coffee. If pumpkin flavored things aren’t your things, try drinking any hot coffee, tea or even hot chocolate. 

Do a fall activity

There are so many fun things to do in the fall like going to a pumpkin patch, apple picking, or a haunted house. Find a group of friends, put on a cute fall outfit, and take some pictures for your Instagram.

Watch Disney Halloween movies/episodes

For all my Disney kids, watching a Halloween Disney Channel original movie or episode is the perfect activity. Some of my favorite movies are Girl Vs. Monster and Hocus Pocus. To me, nothing tops a classic Disney Channel Halloween special. My absolute favorites are the Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Wizards of Waverly Place Halloween episodes. They are just spooky and nostalgic enough to get you in the spirit but not enough to be scary.

Watch Gilmore Girls

Last but definitely not least, my favorite way to get into the fall spirit is to watch Gilmore Girls. This show is my absolute all time favorite because of the New England fall aesthetic. Gilmore Girls has the perfect soundtrack, fashion, and drama to get you in the mood for the upcoming holiday season and cold weather. 

Sadie Kinzer is a junior at VCU, majoring in fashion merchandising with a minor in media studies. She loves reading and thrifting and spends time finding the best thrift stores around. She is interested in fashion and pop culture.