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Halloween is right around the corner, and I know I am not the only one who completely procrastinated putting a Halloween costume together. I always get so stressed about choosing my costumes because I feel like there is intense pressure to look super hot but also have something creative and not look like every other girl out. Nonetheless, Halloween is meant to be fun and exciting, so if you too are getting antsy about a costume, I got you! I compiled a list of my favorite cheap but creative Halloween costumes you can put together with minimal effort. 

Rodrick Heffley

We are starting off strong with a personal favorite which is Rodrick Heffley from “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” Okay, off the bat this may come across as kind of weird and definitely not hot but I really do have a vision. Just throw on a black mini skirt, black converse and paint “Loded Diaper” on a cropped baby tee and you are done. If you have the time or money you can get even more creative with this and add black striped fishnets or go all out with some over-the-top black eye makeup as well. I love this idea so much that I may or may not be popping out downtown with this on Friday night. 

Kim Possible

The next one I thought of is Kim Possible. I know it is not the most original but it literally can never go wrong. A cropped black long-sleeve, green jeans and black boots if you have them on hand but you can totally mix and match this. This is great because you can dress it up and down depending on the occasion and it won’t have you freezing your butt off all night long. I have worn this one on a night out and dressed it down for a family Halloween party.

Paris Hilton

If you are wanting to rock a blonde icon but are over seeing the Regina George and Barbie costumes, then you should be Paris Hilton. I did this last year and wore a cropped baby tee that said “That’s Hot” and it was a hit. I paired it with a jean skirt and boots and whatever 2000s-like jewelry I had on hand. This costume was my favorite because I continue to wear this shirt a year later and it is one of my best.  

80s girl

My 80s girl costume has been a go-to for me for years because I always have everything on hand. Put on a pair of leggings (preferably colored) and then a leotard or even a one piece swimsuit over top. Wear your most obnoxious jewelry and dig up an old scrunchie to put in your hair. You can’t go wrong with an over-the-top makeup look to go along as well. 


My last one can be applied to many costumes because it is more of a tip. Dress up as a concept, not a specific person or thing. I saw this idea when I was scrolling through Pinterest and I honestly think it’s genius. An example of this would be dressing as poison ivy, Christmas or a specific season. I think this is smart and unique because I find it so annoying when I am dressed as a specific person and people have no idea what I am. This way you can really just wear whatever as long as it’s on theme and people know exactly what you are. If you like the poison ivy idea you could wear a green slip dress and get a headband with fake leaves on it. The options for this are really endless, just use what you have on hand. 

I hope you guys gained a potential Halloween costume idea after reading this and are inspired to do a little DIY this Halloween. Upcycling clothing you have or just thrifting your costumes is a fun, cheap way to pick out your outfits. There is so much overconsumption that goes on around this time of year and sometimes I think we all need a little reminder that there’s no mandate that we always have to buy a whole new outfit for every occasion. I guarantee you these costumes will look just as good and won’t hurt your wallet. Have a hot and happy Hall-o-week ladies.

Susan Culbreth is a first year Mass Communications student at Virginia Commonwealth University . Her passions include environmental justice and pop culture !