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9 Things You’re Tired of Hearing if You’re an Only Child

1.      I can’t believe you’re an only child!

Is this supposed to be a compliment? Really, what are you trying to say- I don’t really understand?

2.      You must be spoiled.

I may not have had to share my toys with siblings, but my parents still knew how to discipline a child. 

3.      Did your parents try for another kid?

Why does this even matter? My parents and I are a perfect family just as we were. 

4.      Were you lonely as a child?

Being an only child doesn’t mean that I didn’t have friends. Sure it may have been lonely around the house every now and then, but my entire childhood wasn’t boring. 

5.      You must be used to being the center of attention.

Actually, being in the center of attention all the time was pretty embarrassing and most of the time unwanted. 

6.      Do you not like sharing?

Sharing may not come second nature to us, but we learned to do it just like every other kid on the playground. 

7.      Your parents must be saving a lot of money with only one kid.

The amount of children my parents have has nothing to do with how hard they work to support me. 


8.      So you’re naturally introverted, right?

Maybe, but being an only child had nothing to do with that. 

9.      I’m sorry.

Don’t be. My childhood may have been different from yours, but I wouldn’t change a second of it. 

21 || VBVA || Psychology || FACT@VCUAngie Ellorin is a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is studying Psychology and eventually hopes to pursue a masters in Education. In her free time, Angie enjoy taking naps, watching Gossip Girl, and online shopping. She is the adopted mother of a beautiful African elephant named Elliot. Her favorite thing about Her Campus is meeting and being inspired by all the other empowering young women. 
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