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9 Signs You’re a Wine Mom

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

For all of the wine moms out there, there’s never been a problem a glass of wine couldn’t fix. Whether it be red, white or blush; you aren’t picky. You care for others before yourself, all while clutching your wine class. Here are nine signs that you live that wine-mom lifestyle:


1. You have multiple bottles of wine open in your fridge.

You like having a variety to choose from. You never know what kind of mood you’ll be in. A Sangria to drink with your friends and a White Zinfandel to drink after a long day. People often ask why you have multiple bottles of wine open at the same time, but you just brush it off.

2. You always end up buying a new bottle of wine at the grocery store.

It’s inevitable, you’re always going to go down the wine aisle in the grocery store. At first you go just to look, but then you end buying a bottle anyways. You either bought the bottle because you want to try it, or it’s one of your favorites and you’re running low on it.

3. You end a lot of nights with a glass of wine.

After a long day all you want to do is crawl in your bed, watch Netflix and drink a glass of wine. Let all of your stress from your day fade away as you sip on the fruity and sweet flavors. Wine is your favorite night time companion.

4. You provide the wine at other people’s houses.

Your friends ask you to bring something to their house for a gathering, but they already know you’re bringing a bottle of wine. If you showed up with anything else, they would be very surprised. Even when you do bring a dish, you can’t forget to pair it with your favorite wine.

5. When one of your friend’s is upset, you offer them a glass of wine.

When someone you know is upset, you immediately offer them advice and wine. You pour two glasses of wine so you can sip and talk. The wine is just as comforting as your advice.

6. You tend to carry a glass of wine around your house.

You don’t want your wine to feel left out, so you tend to bring it with you if you go to another room. You know how to multitask with your wine; wash the dishes and take sips as you go.

7. You find yourself saying: “I need a glass of wine,” on a daily basis.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed or stressed you sigh and say: “I need a glass of wine.” You may as well wear a t-shirt because you say it every day.

8. You’re the mom of your friend group.

You’re always there for your friends with a shoulder to cry on and a bottle of wine. You always make sure everyone is taken care of before yourself, even if you’re tipsy off of your wine.

9. You take care of your drunk friends.

You always watch out for your friends when you go out. Your friends are getting mixed cocktails and you get a glass of wine. You sip your wine and become tipsy, while your friends become hot messes. You’ll be there to shoo away creepy guys and hold their hair back all while sipping your wine.

You are a very caring and loving person, you always have and always will be there for your friends. Your friends always come to you with their problems and you’re there to listen and split a bottle of wine. If anyone ever needs a glass of wine and someone to talk to, they come find you, you have plenty of wine glasses and advice.

Ashley is a Senior at Virginia Commmonwealth University majoring in mass communications concentrating in print & online journalism. She is the Senior Editor for Her Campus at VCU and a member of the Society of Professional Journalists at VCU. She is an avid coffee drinker, dog lover and dreamer. She hopes to one day be a reporter for a newspaper, magazine, or an online version of the two.
Keziah is a writer for Her Campus. She is majoring in Fashion Design with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. HCXO!