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8 Delectable Tricks (or Treats) For This Halloween Season

Since quarantine has begun, I have been indulging in some of my favorite pastimes: art, sewing, drawing and one of my most beloved hobbies: baking! Over the past few months, I have found pleasure in baking everything from cookies to pies, cakes to brownies and even taking a detour into trying to make professional cakes like the ones I saw on TV (it looked awful, but the flavor was immaculate).

Basically, you could say I am a pastry master, and Food Network is going to hit me up any day now with my own show (a girl can dream)! With Halloween just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share a few tasty treats (and tricks) I hope to make and enjoy this week, especially since I am too old now for trick or treating now. 

Witch Fingers

Looking for a creepy and healthy treat to enjoy this spooky season? These butter cookies are a great alternative to everyone’s usual favorite. Say it with me: chocolate chip cookies! For an extra sweet and gorey touch, make sure to dip the cookie in some strawberry or raspberry jam and decorate the cookie with some wrinkles to make it more lifelike.  Top them off with a sliver of almond for some healthy fats and fiber, and this super healthy treat that will have people taking double looks at you! 

Blueberry Mummy Muffins

These cookies are definitely cute, as well as a way to make sure you get some healthy fruit on a day where every meal seems to center around candy and sugar. With the cream cheese frosting, your cookies will look like they are fresh out of an Egyptian tomb. Extra points if you are going as Cleopatra or a mummy for your costume this Halloween!

Frankenshake and Bride of Frankenstein Shake

Looking for a sweet treat to share with your BOO this season (see what I did there?) These Frankenshakes make a lovely pair and are perfect for a cute Instagram post or a scary movie night in with your bae. Feel free to change up the flavors, though you risk losing that classic green shade for your monster shake.

Apple Spider Web Tarts

I like candy as much as the next person, but sometimes it feels good knowing that you are having your cake and eating a healthy snack too. These apple tarts are full of fibers, vitamins and minerals to get you through that midday study lull while the chocolate adds a super sweet touch. These treats are perfect for your lonesome or cute to pass out to some of your favorite little trick or treaters this Halloween (as long as they are wearing a mask!)

Cake Eyeballs

Gore and blood have never been my thing, but this treat is perfect for all you little witches and monsters out there! Have fun freaking out classmates and friends with these cake eyeballs, whether you pass them out as spooky treats or post a pic of you biting into one of these tasty desserts—don’t forget to wink for the eyes who no longer can.

Bloody Pancakes

Naturally, I am a person who gets excited for holidays and will put my all into getting ready for them, but I know some people are not like this. Looking for a simple way to acknowledge this holiday? Make yourself a delicious stack of traditional pancakes (or vegan ones using bananas) and top it off with a large heaping of strawberry syrup to feel like a bad witch this season with minimal effort.

Spider Web Guacamole

Although I have a huge sweet tooth, some of these savory Halloween treats looked too good to pass up! Make a large batch of this guacamole to share with friends or enjoy throughout the week. Pair it with veggies for a healthy snack or top it on some of your favorite dishes-tacos, nachos, chips-for a creepy-crawly touch.

Spooky Ghost Pizza

One of my favorites for any holiday, I decided to include a pizza recipe perfect for this creepy season. Made with white sauce and mozzarella, it will look like a ghost landed on your plate for a delicious and savory dinner.

I hope you enjoy this spooky season and share some of your delicious homemade treats on social media!

Keziah is a writer for Her Campus. She is majoring in Fashion Design with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. HCXO!
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