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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

PowerPoint presentations are usually serious and informative when it comes to work or school, so these PowerPoint Nights are an opportunity to use the application to make hilarious and entertaining presentations. If you have a PowerPoint Night coming up and you need some ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Remember—visual aids are key.

Grab a laptop, an HDMI cable and a handful of friends, because it’s time for a PowerPoint Night!

What Your Friends’ Google Search History Looks Like

Put yourself in the mind of your friends and brainstorm what crazy things they might be searching on Google. For instance, since I’m obsessed with drinking Celsius, you might say that I searched “How much caffeine can you have in a day before your heart beats out of your chest?” 

Feel free to get creative, but remember — PowerPoint Nights are all in good fun, so make sure you don’t make light of anything you shouldn’t.

Predicting Your Friends’ Future

At least among my friends and I, where we’ll all be in 10 years is a popular topic of conversation. Take the conversation into your own hands and decide where every one of your friends will be in the future. Dedicate one slide to each member of the group and explore what their career may be, where they’ll be living, if they’ll be in a relationship, or more — kind of like the kid’s game MASH.

Who Your Friends Would Be In A Movie

This is one of my favorites. Pick a movie you all like or have watched together and determine who in the group would best fit each character in the movie. You could even be more abstract with it — what role would everyone play in a horror movie, or a rom-com?

Dating App Profiles For Your Friends

You know your friends better than anyone — maybe you know them even better than they know themselves. If this is the case, try your hand at crafting flawless dating app profiles for everyone at the party. Spare no detail! You can even choose to include photos from the recesses of your Snapchat Memories to be sure they’ll find their perfect match.

Your Friends’ Best Moments

Look back on everyone’s finest moments by dedicating a slide to everyone in the group and recalling their highlights.

Ranking Spots On Campus To Cry At

It doesn’t have to be quite that dark, but if you and your friends go to the same school, making a presentation highlighting spots on campus that everyone is familiar with is sure to be a hit.

Friend Group Trivia

This one is sure to wow, although it may take some more preparation beforehand than the others. When I tried this one, I spent the semester taking note of funny moments or things that my friends said and compiling them into a “Jeopardy!” style game for our PowerPoint Night at the end of the semester. See how well your friends’ memories fare, and maybe even offer up a prize to the person with the most points by the end!

Emily Richardson is a digital journalism student at Virginia Commonwealth University and HCVCU's Editor-in-Chief. She has contributed to a number of independent publications and has interests in social issues, sustainability and pop culture.