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7 Telltale Signs You’re Dating a Computer Science Major

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

It’s not what you think. Computer science majors aren’t your stereotypical video game playing nerds. However, once you date a computer science major, you definitely can relate to their habits.

1. You haven’t had to deal with the annoying technology customer service people in quite some time. If you’re not dating a computer science major, this is the number one reason to start. There’s no more getting put on hold for hours or paying for repair services. Your own computer repairman is a call away and this one won’t put you on hold.

2. Your phone doesn’t autocorrect “CompSci” anymore. No, I didn’t accidentally press the “m” key instead of the “n” key and no, I’m not trying to spell “conscious”. I’m just too lazy to type out computer science to my SO each time.

3. When you get a new electronic, they’re more excited than you are. What’s that? You want to set up my new laptop for me and deal with downloading all my anti-virus software? Be my guest!

4. Everything is technical. Literally. Their life revolves around technology and programming and the idea that every problem has a solution. If one scene in a movie has any sort of fallacy, they point it out and the entire movie is ruined for them. A computer science major will also be the first to correct your logic when it’s wrong. Whenever you hear a sentence start with “Technically…” you just cringe now.

5. They’re shockingly patient. A computer science major will try for hours to help you understand how to download a file on your computer or how to fix a bug on your phone. They’re used to spending hours programming and fixing things for those of us who are less technologically inclined.

6. They’re extremely competitive. Computer science is a competitive field. Being competitive is just in their blood. Don’t be offended when they give you the silent treatment for beating them in a board game or cheats when you play arcade games.

7. You will never understand what they do, but you’re convinced it’s some sort of internet black magic.

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