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6 Things You Need to Get Through a Breakup

Recently, my best friend went through one of the worst breakups that I have ever seen. So in order to help her cope, my friends and I made her a little breakup kit. Here are seven things that we included:

1. Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream 

Ben and Jerry’s is essential during a breakup, it comforts and soothes sore throats from hours of crying over people that don’t deserve to be cried over.

2. Chocolate

There is just one simple reason to needing chocolate, it cures almost everything.

3. Tissues

These will be much needed during the initial cry session and again later once you are crying of laughter while watching feel-good movies.

4. A Soft Blanket

This is a good comfort item after the main event, and just as a security item to hold on to. Cuddle up with your blanket and snuggle all your problems away. 

5. Good Friends

You will always need a good shoulder to cry on and talking about how you are feeling is one of the best ways to make yourself feel better. Good friends are always there for each other during tough times, like break ups. 

6. A Comedy Movie/TV Show

A comedy movie or TV show is a good thing to watch during this time, just because it can get you into better spirits by making you and your supportive friends laugh together. 

Sometimes the best thing during a breakup is just the simple things that we tend to overlook every day. Stay strong and rise above it, it will get better soon. HCXO!

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Autumn is a junior at Virginia Commonwealth University studying Forensic Science with a concentration in Biology and minors in Anthropology, Biology, and Chemistry. She has an addiction to Starbucks and Panera Mac and Cheese and can usually be found with her nose in a book during her free time. She is also an active member of VCU's Rowdy Rams and the Forensic Science Student Club. In her free time, she loves to watch movies and hang out with her friends and family; including her beloved dog, Jake.
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