6 Things That Come With Having an Unconventional Name

An unconventional name can be one of the coolest things about someone when you first meet. It’s a great conversation starter, and it easily sets a person apart from all of the other millions of Hannah’s, Emily’s, Jennifer’s and Amy’s in the world.  Although people with distinct and new names have uniqueness going for them, there are a few not so unique things every person with an unconventional name goes through. 


1.     Repeating your name several times.


   It can be both tiresome and annoying having to repeat your name, only to have someone get it wrong when they say it back to you.


2.     Spelling your name out phonetically.

   Phonetic spelling is your friend; this is essential if you want someone else to pronounce your name remotely right.


3.      A nickname that replaces your full name.

Over time you learn to become one with your childhood nickname or any nickname for that matter, because not everyone wants to go through the introduction process with you over and over again just to forget how to say your name again five minute later.


4.     The pause your teacher takes when going through the class roster.

 You just know that when your teacher takes a long pause midway through taking attendance, she’s trying to say your name without completely butchering it.


5.     People never remember your full name, just the first letter.

 When people you’ve met before forget how to say your name and still try to say it anyway, they often end up elongating just the first syllable hoping you finish the rest of your name for them.  ie. Ssssssss….. it's Saiounia


6.     People assume your name has some thought-provoking meaning.

There’s always someone to ask you what your name means, or how your parents came up with it.  They're hoping to get some thoughtful or extensive background story, but really your parents just thought the name sounded nice.