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5 Super Easy Scarf Styles for Fall

You know the seasons are changing when pumpkin spice lattes start appearing on the Starbucks menu again—and nothing screams, “Summer is over!” more than the undeniably chillier mornings. Whether you’re depressed about the changing seasons or super stoked that you finally get to wear your new boots, something everyone should be able to agree on is it’s officially scarf season! So break out that neckwear and use these five exciting scarf-tying tips to make your own personal statement this fall!

1. Fold the scarf in half to make more of a square shape
2. Fold one half over to make a triangular shape
3. Tie the scarf behind your neck

Double Loop
1. Fold the scarf in half and put it around your neck so that a loop is on one end and the ends of the scarf are at the other end
2. Pull the ends through the loop
3. Twist the loop and pull the ends through again

Bow Tie
1. Put the scarf behind your neck with both sides hanging down evenly in front
2. Tie the scarf like you would tie a shoe
3. Open up the bows so that they are big and hang free

French Knot
1. Wrap the scarf around your neck once so that both sides hang in front with a loop around your neck
2. Tie the loose ends in a loose knot and then tie a second, tighter knot

1. Put the scarf behind your neck with both sides hanging down evenly in front
2. Tie a simple knot
3. Take the end at the back of the knot and cross it over the end in front, then pull the same end through the loop created around your neck and pull tight
4. Keep doing this with the end at the back of the knot until you get the desired braid and tie the ends


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