5 Struggles of Registering for Classes

It’s that time of the year! As the fall semester is coming to a close, it’s time to start registering for classes for the spring semester. Let me tell you, signing up for classes has yet to get easier as a sophomore. There’s literally no way that anyone can get their ideal schedule for so many different reasons. Here are some reasons why signing up for classes can be the biggest pain:

1. Classes fill up so quickly

I have no idea why the only class you need in order to get your degree has eight available seats. I’ve had multiple friends that have the hardest time trying to get into their major classes, because the seats are already filled up two weeks before their available to register.

2. There’s no good professors

I remember last semester, I had to take an Econ class. Everyone warned me that it was going to be incredibly difficult with a bad professor, so I wanted to make sure to get the best professor possible. When the Econ class became available to view, I saw that there was only one professor teaching the Econ class. When I went to ratemyprofessors.com, I had never seen worse reviews. Needless to say, Econ was a struggle last year.

3. Some classes you want aren’t even available

Sometimes before classes become available for view, you can see what kind of classes you want to take. When the time comes to view your classes, you can find the class you saw on the website, however, once it’s time to register it’s suddenly not available. It’s the most annoying thing ever.

4. Prerequisites

Nothing is more frustrating than when you need to take a 300-level course on a subject that has nothing to do with your major. It takes forever to find the right class for you that doesn’t have a prerequisite.

5. The time slots can be awful

When you’re a college student, it’s not abnormal for you to need to align your class schedule with work. When you need to work in the afternoons and nights, a class from 6-9:40 p.m. isn’t exactly ideal. In fact, in any situation a class from 6-9:40 p.m. isn’t ideal.

Even though signing up for classes can be a pain, you can always make it go a little easier by having friends hold classes for you. Take the time to make sure your schedule is right for you and always try to stay positive. Everything happens for a reason. Good luck registering this semester!

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