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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Bullet Journaling

The Bullet Journal Method was created by Ryder Carroll, a digital product designer. In his own words, this method is about the art of intentional living. Since then, bullet journaling has become an Instagram and Pinterest craze because it allows people to explore their creative side. Here are five reasons why you should start bullet journaling!

It Helps You Stay Organized

This is an obvious one, but it needs to be said. A bullet journal helps you stay organized. Whether it’s schoolwork or house chores, your bullet journal is a place for you to write down your to-do list and cross them off. In your monthly spread, you can document all your deadlines and big events for the entire month. In your weekly spread, you can write your daily to-do lists. The simple act of writing down your tasks helps you mentally organize your day-to-day.

It Gives You a Peace of Mind

Your bullet journal is your space to document everything. From your project deadline to your dinner plans, your journal serves as the organization center of all aspects of your life. It serves as your source of calm as you can depend on having all your information and responsibilities safely documented in your little notebook. 

It is a Creative Outlet

For me, bullet journaling allowed me to get in touch with my creative side, something I haven’t pursued since I was little. A trend that bullet journalers follow is picking a theme that relates to the month and centering their spread around the theme. For example, an April spread will often include rain-related themes due to the expression “April showers bring May flowers.” The theme will serve as the inspiration for the entire month’s layout. However, it should be noted that bullet journaling doesn’t have to be a creative process. Many people get discouraged from journaling because they don’t have the artistic skills to draw intricate designs. Bullet journaling, contrary to what you see, isn’t about aesthetics. At its core, a bullet journal helps you simplify and organize your life so don’t get too caught up with making it look pretty. 

It Promotes Self-improvement

A spread that is well-loved by bullet journalers is habit trackers. A habit tracker is exactly what its name entails; it helps you track your habits. From documenting how much sleep you’re getting to how much water you’re drinking, your journal is your space to do that. Using the information you document from week to week, you can decide on where you need to start improving. As seen in the picture above, you can use a chart to track how many hours you’re studying a day. From that, you can create weekly and monthly goals to work on.

It’s More Than a Planner

A bullet journal, for all the reasons above, is so much more than a planner. It is highly adaptable to the individual’s need, therefore, you can design it into what you need your journal to do. Since I’ve started journaling, I’ve gone through many phases with my bullet journal. There was a period when I did artistic spreads. I remember spending hours sketching out my spreads, coloring them and working on my calligraphy. At this point, I was focused on the aesthetics.

As my bullet journaling style matured, I began focusing more simple spreads centered around my lifestyle rather than how pretty it looks. Then, as I became more introspective, I used my bullet journal to document my all thoughts (however random they are) and would write until my hands hurt. Now, after three years of bullet journaling, I am returning to a more creative style but still centered around my daily needs. Unlike a planner, which sets the tone for how you organize your life, a bullet journal allows you to create your path and grows with you.

For all these reasons and more, I challenge you to start a bullet journal and start living with intention!

Kathy Nguyen is a Senior at VCU. She is double majoring in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies and Political Science with concentration in International Relations. Her passion includes advocating for women's reproductive rights and gun reforms. In addition to her political activism, she is a coffee snob and a Harry Potter fanatic.
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