5 Reasons to Follow Colette Prime

We’re all looking for some fashion inspiration. Here’s who you should start with.

Colette Prime, otherwise known as Colette LeClair, is an upcoming Amazon fashion influencer and fashion blogger. Based in San Francisco, Colette manages her own Amazon page full of trendy, affordable clothing items that she models on her own Instagram and blog site. Unique for her creative photographs and artistic expression, Colette presents the clothing on her site within diverse environments that bring a unique and refreshing flair to fashion blogging.

Here are five reasons why you should follow Colette Prime.

1. We’re all on a budget

Being in college, we all tend to joke about being #broke, even though we are all crying about it on the inside. Of course, this is made even worse when we are trying to look for stylish clothing items that will make us feel confident within our own skin. I mean let’s face it, often times when we are shopping some name brand and department store clothing items can discourage our own creative sense of style due to their prices. However, Colette’s Amazon page is full of cute and affordable clothing recommendations that are hand-picked for her followers—or as she likes to call them, her models. Through Colette’s platform, it’s easy to find fashionable items that won’t break the bank.

2. She has a diverse selection of clothing items for any occasion

From a job interview to a night out, we all want to feel our best in what we are wearing. Colette’s page has a wide variety of clothing items under specific categories that help you shop. No matter the season, no matter the occasion, Colette has your back with a diverse selection of the latest trends. Not only this, but all items that she shares with her followers are from brands she trusts. As she says on her blog, “I know the brands to search for and how to tell if the photos are real or fake and if the seller is legitimate.”

3. Her style puts a refreshing spin on most modern-day trends

Sometimes we’ll see a fashion trend we like on a famous IG model or on the runway that we don’t know how to execute it real life. Colette’s Instagram and blog showcases outfits and lookbooks that make these popular modern-day trends look effortless using those affordable items on her Amazon page. Colette can help you realize how attainable and easy those high fashion looks can be, even for a regular girl on the go. Her refreshing take on popular trends is reflected within her own unique style and can cause anyone to become inspired, even by simply scrolling through her Instagram.

4. She preaches about real women’s issues

Being young women within today’s society, it is sometimes hard to feel comfortable within our own bodies. Colette states on her Instagram that we are often brainwashed by unrealistic beauty standards encouraged by society, such as those standards put forth by figures like the Kardashians. I think most of us know all too well that these standards can corrupt our self-esteem and self-perception, making us feel out of place within our own communities. Colette strives to encourage her followers to be more confident in who they are, uplifting women across the world to be confident within their own skin.

5. She empowers us, so let’s empower her

Colette isn’t just a fashion blogger, but a woman within today’s society that is trying to empower other women to chase after their own dreams and be who they desire to be. As Colette states on her blog, “the heart of my brand is women empowerment.” Typically, the fashion industry is one that is not very inclusive. However, Colette is trying to change that using her own platform, communicating with and encouraging young women on a daily basis. Helping women find affordable clothing may seem like something small, however, she helps to provide the armor for our everyday battles. She's in her Prime, we should be too. Visit her Amazon site, blog and Instagram page

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