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5 Must-Have Korean Beauty Products

There are so many beauty products available that it can sometimes feel overwhelming trying to figure out what to use. Most of us purchase our beauty products domestically because we are not familiar with some products that are popular abroad, but that puts limitations on what kind of products we actually have access to. Korean beauty products have steadily been gaining popularity in international markets because of how great some of their products work, and I personally have loved the results I've seen after using some of their products. It felt risky to purchase products that no one I knew had ever used, but after doing some research, I felt comfortable enough to try some products out, and I am so glad I did! Korean beauty products are now a permanent part of my beauty routine. Here are five of my favorite products that you should try! 

Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm

Using make-up wipes seems like a quick and easy way to remove make-up, but the reality is that it doesn't remove as much as we think it does. A lot of make-up residue is left on our faces after use, and it can clog pores and lead to breakouts. When I saw that make-up wipes weren't getting the job done, I started using coconut oil to break down my make-up every day. However, it would leave my skin feeling greasy afterward, and I would have to clean it numerous times to remove all the oil, which ended up leaving my skin feeling stripped of moisture. This cleansing balm, however, is a game-changer. The balm is lightweight but has an oil-like consistency, so it easily breaks down make-up. I didn't even have any issues taking off my waterproof mascara, which kept me from having to aggressively scrub my eyes until it was removed. The balm washes off nicely with water, so my skin wasn't left feeling greasy, and after cleansing with my CeraVe cleanser, my skin felt squeaky clean! The product costs less than $20, and it's definitely worth purchasing for people that struggle to remove their make up!

Some By Mi: AHA-BHA-PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner

Toner seems like the one irrelevant part of the skincare routine that can easily be skipped, but it can actually make a difference when its added to your skincare regimen. Toner helps pick up any leftover dirt, oil, or makeup residue left on my face and prevents my pores from getting clogged. It also helps balance my skin after I've cleansed it since that process can strip moisture. This toner, in particular, is absolutely amazing and did wonders for my skin. One of the key ingredients is tea tree oil, which helped clear up the acne on my face that would frequently pop up from stress, and it even cleared the stubborn tiny bumps on my forehead! The AHA also helps the skin regenerate more quickly, which helped heal any leftover scarring at a faster rate. The product costs less than $20 and lasts for months. I saw results in just a few weeks! 

Some By Mi: AHA-BHA-PHA 30 Days Miracle Serum

Having a good serum can dramatically change your skin's health and appearance. I used this serum in conjunction with the toner from the same line, and the results were great! The tea tree oil and niacinamide are phenomenal at tackling acne and helped clear up stubborn breakouts. The AHA also lightly exfoliated my skin, which helped remove the acne scars that were left from past acne. The serum helped add moisture to my skin and left it feeling smooth, and it also absorbs relatively quickly. One mistake I initially made when using the serum is that I did not shake it properly before using it, so the different ingredients were not evenly distributed, and I didn't get the full benefits, but after I rectified my mistake, it was smooth sailing. The serum is less than $20, and since only a few drops are needed to cover the whole face, it lasts for a while!

COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

Incorporating an essence into a skincare regimen can instill a lot more moisture in the skin and is great for people who struggle with dry skin. For people with dry skin, it can be really tough to find a moisturizer that doesn't break you out, absorbs into the skin quickly, and also moisturizes your skin. This moisturizer is lightweight, doesn't cause breakouts, and helps restore the moisture barrier. I also saw some improvement with my acne scars after continued use, which is always a plus. The essence feels very slimy, which isn't surprising given that snail secretions are used in the product, but it absorbs quickly and leaves smooth skin in its wake. The product is less than $20, and since two pumps are enough to cover an entire face, I only have to repurchase every few months!

RiRe Bubble Lip Mask

It can be really difficult to keep your lips moisturized and prevent them from looking dry or chapped. I frequently use lip balm, but I still would struggle to keep my lips healthy until I tried this lip mask. It lightly exfoliates lips and leaves them looking and feeling smooth after use. It's important to follow the instructions and only use the product for 30 to 60 seconds before rinsing, and doing so, I experienced no irritation. Lip gloss and lipstick application following the use of the mask is so much better and makes make-up looks look flawless! The mask costs less than $10 and lasts me months since I only use it once a week (or as needed)!

Don't be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone and try out some products you may not be familiar with! The beauty products in countries outside of your own can work wonders for your skin and health. Always make sure to do research before making any purchases, but be open to trying new things. You never know what kind of product you may stumble across if you give something new a chance! 

Britney Simmons is a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University who is majoring in Mass Communications with a Concentration in Print/Online Journalism. She has loved reading and writing since she was a child, and is an animal lover. She loves to travel whenever possible, and you can usually find her binging some new series or napping.
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