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5 Last Minute DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is on Saturday! Hopefully everyone already knew that but no judgment if you didn’t. We are college students so procrastination is practically built into us, and I am here to save you with some fun and creative do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day gifts for any type of relationship!

1. Heart-Shaped Booze Box

This is perfect for the man in your life or your alcohol loving friends. All you need is a heart shaped box and an array of the receiver’s favorite mini liquor bottles for the perfect booze box.

2. Personalized Mix CD (so retro)

A mix CD is a super awesome way to show someone how much you know and care about them. You can go so many directions with this one, love songs for you lover, girl power songs for your friends or a mix of someone’s favorite artists. After you make the CD, create some cool cover art! Any way you go is bound to get a positive reaction out of whomever you give it to. Let those creative juices flow! Here are some helpful tips on how to make the perfect mix CD.

3. Candy in a Mason Jar

I always find a way to include mason jars in DIY crafts and Valentine’s Day is no exception. For this fun craft you need a mason jar, some candy and a bit of witty wording. Put in your significant other or friend’s favorite candy and attach a cute little note to the outside. Some ideas for you: 

  • “I love you to pieces” with Reese’s in the jar.
  • “Out of all the fish in the sea I chose you” with Swedish Fish in the jar.
  • “M&M? More like YOU&ME” with M&Ms in the jar. (so cheesy I know)

For an added bonus, slip a little surprise give into the jar and hide it under the candy!

4. Heart-Shaped Cookies

If you are really struggling for a gift idea, food is always a good way to go. Heart-shaped cookies are low cost and very easy to make, here is a simple recipe that will take you a maximum of 20 minutes! Just try not to eat them all before you give them away, it’s tempting, I know. 

5. DIY Valentines Day Cards

One of my personal favorites and one of the easiest holiday activities is making personalized cards for anyone and everyone! Gather your gal pals for a fun art filled card making session. Glitter is a must — oh, and hearts. Go crazy.

Happy crafting!

Ivy Kenton is a freshman student at Virginia Commonwealth University living in the enchanting city of Richmond, Virginia. Originally from Great Falls in Northern Virginia, she loves living in such a diverse city environment because its so different from the white picket fences she is used to. She is currently undecided but wants to pursue a degree in Mass Communications with a minor in music. She loves to sing, go on long nature walks, shop, her kitten and being around her amazing friends. After college her dream is to live in a big city with a job in public relations and to have singing as a hobby on the side. 
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