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These accounts are just a few of the many that inspire me on Instagram on the daily. I look forward to these posts because they each bring me something unique – whether it be knowledge, inspiration, laughs or pride. Watching these accounts post content that appeals to the masses is something that should be cherished. The people behind a few of these pages have influenced my ideas in my own artwork as well, which still affects me today. With that being said, here are five accounts on Instagram that you should be following right now:  


  1.  @mylesloftin

The page is run by Myles Loftin, a 20-year-old photography student at Parsons in NYC. His page contains beautiful portraits; his work has been in magazines like i-D, Affinity, and NYLON.

His freelance photography, as well as school projects specialize in highlighting black culture, and the lives of young people in the LGBTQ community. This is definitely a page for anyone interested in visual arts/photography. Plus, his pictures are just really nice to look at!


    2. @badgalriri

If you aren’t already, you should DEFINITELY follow Rihanna. From memes to fashion to Fenty Beauty products, it’s hard to become bored with Rihanna’s photos. She’s the perfect example of a carefree, beautiful black woman that we need to see more of in our lives. Need I say more?


3. @chella.man

Chella Man is a student who studies virtual reality programming at Parsons. He identifies as genderqueer (an identity that is neither completely male nor female), and strives to create visibility for individuals who identify under the trans umbrella. He is very open about his continuous journey while on testosterone, and he is currently recovering from his recent top surgery (the term for a mastectomy for trans-identifying individuals). I began to follow his account a few months ago, and I am nothing short of glad that I did. It is a breath of fresh air to see someone willing to stand up for his community and give back, all while making change at such a young age. He was also featured in paper magazine, and he is a contributor to the online magazine, “them”, which is a branch of Condé Nast. His bravery and honesty during his journey is something to behold!


4. @refinery29

This online magazine’s Instagram page is entertaining, informative and just aesthetically pleasing. Refinery29 always keeps their followers up to date with pop culture, visual art and artists, as well as inspirational posts to keep them going throughout the week. There’s never a dull moment (or post) from this account.


5. @rumorsboutique

If you want to stay updated on the latest fashion trends in the Richmond area, or buy name-brand products without spending money, then Rumors is the perfect account to follow. They post daily, advertising new clothes before they sell (which usually happens fairly quickly). They buy and sell clothes for every type of occasion, and they always inspire their followers to find their own personal style!

Now, again, these are just a few of the many, many pages out there. Don’t be afraid to explore and find content specific to you and your needs. There’s an account for everything, trust me!

Brezaja is a sophomore studying film in the School of the Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University. When not writing articles for Her Campus at VCU, you can usually find them endlessly browsing Netflix or checking social media, mostly Instagram and Twitter. They try to be as open-minded as possible, and don't mind having conversations with others about social issues. After college, they dream of being an art director for films.
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