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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

As the stuffy, summer weather lives out its final days, and the crisp autumn air blows in, our lives will finally be infiltrated by the lustrous vibes of fall. Not only will we begin blasting our melancholy fall-girl playlists or filling our dwellings with ambient lighting and scents of pumpkin spice but our wardrobes will also be transforming. There are a few fashion trends that will be making major headway in all of our closets this fall, and I cannot wait until they are in full effect. 

Bows and Ribbon

Bows have taken the fashion world by storm this past spring and summer, and it will be no different this fall. They are the perfect accessory to add a feminine flair to any outfit; whether you tie them in your hair, around your neck, or on your bag, they just make the look. This fall, try adding ribbon to the holes in knit sweaters, on your belt loops, or on the loops of your knee-high boots. For RVA locals, check out ScrapRVA for second-hand ribbons and other craft supplies!

Red, red, red!

Red has always been a staple it-girl color, but it is quickly taking the lead in the new shade for all things fall fashion. We will be seeing a plethora of red leather jackets, red bags, red lips, red nails and more this season. 


The revamp of 2010s Coachella lace is here! Lace shorts, kimonos and tunics that haunted the decade, have been reborn into new trends. Sheer lace maxi skirts, tank tops, and dresses make for the perfect fall layering pieces. Pop a lace maxi skirt over a black mini-skirt, style with a basic top, leather jacket and your go-to pair of boots and you have a simple but perfectly interesting fall outfit. 

Feminine Footwear 

In the last few months, delicate footwear has been all the rage. Ballet flats and Mary Janes were a sweet addition to our past summer and spring wardrobes. Now that we enter cooler months, try adding socks and tights to these simple and soft shoes, and watch how easily they complement fall outfits! 

Denim Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts have steadily moved from being associated with highly conservative styles, now acting as a  wardrobe staple for many. Maxi skirts can add flare to any outfit, but keep an eye out for denim maxi skirts, especially this fall. Pair with a leather jacket, simple tee, and a pair of mary janes or boots, and you have an easy, yet effortlessly chic fall outfit. 

Summer Deciucis is a Journalism and Fashion Merchandising student at Virginia Commonwealth University, and an HCVCU editorial member. She has interests in pop culture, current social issues, fashion, and true crime.