5 Confessions of Someone Who Apologizes Too Much

If you aren't this person, you know one. That person that will apologize for literally everything--for being two minutes late, for forgetting to hold the door open, for not grabbing an extra napkin. You name it, they'll probably apologize for it.

Well, I am this person. And, as Usher so infamously put it, these are my confessions.

1. We apologize because we absolutely feel like we need to.

We aren't apologizing to be nice or to fill a silence--we genuinely feel like we did something unforgivable and we need to make up for it. 

2. We know we're apologizing too much, sorry!

Odds are, we are extremely aware of the fact that we're saying "sorry!" five times in one sentence--which will probably lead to us saying sorry even more. Sorry?

3. Something has probably happened in order to make that person feel like they need to apologize for everything they do.

Whether it be someone making them feel that way or a genuine need to apologize--we actually feel like we need to apologize for everything. We kind of can't help it.

4. We get annoyed of it too.

Trust me, I would LOVE to not feel the compulsive need to apologize every time I forget to grab a charger when I said I would or when I move something out of place. But refer to #3.

5. We REALLY don't like being called out on it.

Like I said before, we get annoyed of it too. But if you call us out on it, we'll just apologize even more and then the whole cycle will start all over again and it will just be a mess. So, we're sorry in advance for how many times we're going to be sorry we're going be in the future.

Hope that this gave you insight into the minds of your friends that say "sorry" wayyy too often.. but hey, we're sorry!!