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Fall is here! Which means, it’s my favorite season of the year, especially for my wardrobe. The cool weather gives me an excuse to wear my favorite outfits, and there’s always new fashion trends emerging around this time. Here are five closet essentials and tips for the fall season that will keep you looking cute around campus while still feeling extra cozy.

1. Layering

Layering is possibly the best and easiest way to dress for a fall day. You can throw on your favorite shirt, put on a jean shirt or jacket. If it’s cooler than usual outside you could even put on a flannel, then put on a jean jacket as your third layer. Layering is the easiest way to switch up an outfit because you can mix and match so many pieces in your closet. Layering helps you get the most use out of all of your clothes. 

2. Scarves

During a breezy fall day, a scarf can really elevate your outfit. Especially neutral color ones like grey or beige/tan. Put on a scarf with your sweater or it pair with a t-shirt and a jean shirt/jacket.

3. Oversized anything

Literally anything. I like to put on oversized sweaters, oversized flannels, oversized jeans jackets and oversized shirts. But, oversized clothes can be risky. To keep your oversized clothes from looking sloppy yoy should layer your clothing. 

For example, for an oversized t-shirt, you could put on a neutral color turtleneck, or you could combine your oversized sweater with your oversized jacket. But, my biggest tip for wearing oversized clothes is to balance it out with something tighter. If you were to wear oversized/mom jeans, wear a tighter shirt on the top, like crop top, or even a t shirt that you could tuck in. For oversized shirts I like to combine them with fitted jeans. It keeps you from losing your shape.

4. Socks 

Socks are probably one of the easiest accessories to pair with an outfit, especially thigh high socks. Socks makes it easier to bare the cold weather and can help you get away with wearing a short dress, shorts, or a skirt. Black, grey, or any other neutral color socks can go with almost any outfit. If you feel like your outfit is too boring, you could slip on some warm fall color socks to make it look like you’ve put more effort.

5. Warm colors​

Fall time is my favorite excuse to wear warm colors. Mustard, burgundy and dark greens are probably my favorite go-to. Wearing sweaters, jackets, pants, scarves, or socks that are one of these colors, then paring it with something else that’s neutral can make your outfit pop.

Now, it should be a bit easier to organize your closet in time for fall based on these tips. I hope this lists helps you for those days that you wake up too late in the morning and can’t make time for deciding what to wear.

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