5 Amazing Tea Latte Recipes

I have always wanted to be able to produce coffee house quality drinks in the comfort of my own home. A recent visit to eBay.com resulted in my purchase of a $2 milk frother from China which has made all my steamed milk dreams come alive. I have also been able to get a little bit creative due to the large amount of money I spend on teas and syrups to experiment with. Here are several new ideas that I've tried. Get ready to pour one into your favorite mug tomorrow morning before class begins!

1. Earl Grey Rose Tea Latte

In order to make this beauty, I usually begin by heating up the water in my mug in the microwave for about three minutes. After, I begin steeping a bag of Earl Grey tea in the water for about five minutes, and in a separate mug, I pour in some milk. I fill the mug to about one-third full. I usually use whole milk, but if you're vegan or lactose intolerant you can use almond milk or coconut milk or the like. After heating up the milk for about two minutes, I take it to my frother. It has just one button, and you want to make sure that you turn it on AFTER you put it into the milk. If you do not, it will splash everywhere. After the tea is done steeping and the milk is frothed enough, I combine the two and add some rose syrup that I purchase pre-made. And voilà! There is your very lovely, very British tea latte.

2. Hot Cinnamon Blood Orange Angel Tea Latte

Ah, this one is my favorite. I just had to call it an angel, because that's what it is - an angelic drink. I like to use Harvey and Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice tea, but any cinnamon tea will do, even orange spice. I start the same way by heating up a mug full of water for three minutes and one-third of a mug of milk for two minutes. Then I put the tea bag in the water for the five minutes and froth the milk. Monin Blood Orange Syrup is what makes this one so special. I usually add it after I combine the milk and tea and stir.

3. Parisian Lavender Tea Latte

This one is excellent for a rainy day. I always start with Harvey and Sons Paris Tea, which I first had at Can Can in Carytown. The tea is black, so it has a generous amount of caffeine, but it has a nice fruity aftertaste usually found in lighter teas. It has notes of vanilla, caramel and bergamot, which tastes a bit like lemon. After repeating the process of steeping the tea in the heated water and combining it with the frothed milk, I add some Monin lavender syrup. For added lavender flavor, you can add some drops of lavender essential oil and stir.

4. Green Tea Winter Citrus Latte

Because of my obsession with Monin syrups, I'm always up on their latest syrup releases. A new one I got to try that I really enjoyed was their Winter Citrus flavor. It has notes of blood orange, clementine and kumquat and has the herbal essences of tarragon and rosemary. I found that its flavors mix very well with green tea, so I made it into one of my lattes. After steeping, heating and frothing everything, I add the syrup, usually to taste, and because I enjoy a sweet cup of tea, I add quite a bit. Although this latte is named the Winter Citrus Latte, it would also be good for spring and summer due to its light and beautiful flavor.

5. Vanilla Bean Pistachio Macaron Tea Latte

Sipping this latte is almost as good as walking into Laduree's macaron shop and getting to pick out whatever you want. I use Tazo's Vanilla Bean Macaron tea, which is part of their Dessert Delights collection. After the steeping, frothing and combining, I add Monin's pistachio syrup as a sweetener because my favorite macaron flavor is pistachio. It makes for an excellent sip time and time again.

The only thing that makes waking up less painful is a hot, wonderful drink. And maybe a nice breakfast too, but there's just something about pouring something warm, foamy and sweet into your favorite mug at 8 a.m. Over a cup of coffee or tea in the morning you can contemplate your life, your day and anything that is troubling you. It's a sacred morning practice. And if you make yourself something differently warm and wonderful each morning to contemplate to, it makes your day even more special. Try some of these tea lattes and see what you think!

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