4 Women I Look Up to in the Music Industry

If you’re a music lover, an average everyday listener, or even just someone who listens to the radio in your car on the way to class or work, you will realize the difference from the women you hear on the radio vs. the men. You hear how the music industry is a male dominated field, and how it takes the strongest and fiercest women of them all to get to the top of it. Breaking the music industry and maintaining a career is already hard enough, being a woman makes that journey even harder. The four women that I will be discussing are four of the strongest and fiercest women of them all, that create music and send out a positive and uplifting message to their fan dynamic. 

1. Beyoncé

On top of the fact that her music and performances are all legendary, she’s someone who I greatly admire due to her work ethic. It’s the top thing people that work around, for, or with Beyoncé pick up from being in her presence. Her backup singers, her band and her dancers love to talk about Beyonce’s work ethic and the way she influences them to become more hard working to achieve their goals. Beyonce is a mother of three, while managing herself under her own independent entertainment label and takes every part in the creation of her art including songs and performances.

2. Cardi B

Cardi B’s story from being a stripper to escape abuse, to rising on the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart for three weeks on her first try is all anyone needs to hear to praise her. Cardi B makes music that makes women feel confident, and she has even discussed her agenda to gear her music towards women for this purpose.

3. Rihanna

Rihanna is the queen of securing her bag. Rihanna is mostly inspirational for the fact that she went from being bankrupt in 2009, to being worth $230 million in a span of eight years. This woman has built an empire in many fields, and is currently dominating the music industry on top of the cosmetic industry. Rihanna isn't even 30-years-old yet (goals).

4. Cupcakke

Seeing Cupcakke may be shocking to some, but Cupcakke is basically a legend in my eyes and can be (and is) a great role model to her fans. Her recent reveal of her transition from a church poet to female rapper is amazing and deserves praise. Cupcakke is everything for her discussions about the treatment of women in the rap game vs. men. She’s a totally independent rapper who expresses herself in a way that doesn’t conform to the politics that people use to pressure female rappers in the industry.

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