3 Things You Should Stop Wasting Your Time On

Even though life’s the longest thing we do, it’s still pretty short and we really don’t have time to waste. I don’t just mean this from a productivity standpoint. Time is wasted in so many facets of life such as friendships, relationships, and other topics we don’t usually think about when the words “wasting time” are said. Honestly, you may be wasting your time and not even realize it. Here are some things that may be wasting your precious time.

1. Forced Relationships

My number one rule when it comes to relationships? If it feels forced, it probably is. Don’t force yourself to stay in a failing relationship because you think it’s magically going to get better, while no one is putting effort into actually addressing the problems. Or because it’s what you’ve always done or because you’ve been together for x number of years. The amount of time you’ve been dating doesn’t really matter when you’re in a constant state of unhappiness. Staying in toxic situations will only serve to negatively affect your mental health, academics, relationships with friends and family and even how you look at yourself. At that point, doing what’s best for you and you alone is the most important, even if it means leaving the person you’ve been dating since you were 12.

2. Fake Friendships

I know that in life, especially in school, there’s so much pressure to have a huge group of friends. But if you have this sought-after big group of friends and they’re not there for you like friends should be, you’re better off without them. It’s cool to have acquaintances, but be careful who you call your friend. There are way too many people on campus and in this world for you to be boxed into a friendship that is not lifting you up. Not to say you should drop all your friends, but just be conscious of the role they play in your life. If you have 50 real friends, that’s awesome, but just know that sometimes it’s better to have a small number of real friends than 1,000 friends that don’t care about your well being. Relationships aren’t the only thing that can be toxic. You have different friends for different reasons, and some will be closer than others.

 3. Not Pursuing Your Passion

Whether pressure to be someone you’re not is coming from your parents, professors, advisors, etc., it may feel like you’re following a path others set out for you instead of your own, or doing things to please others and never yourself. Maybe your passion is cinema, but your parents boxed you into a “practical major” like business or marketing (but if those majors are your calling, then that’s awesome too) so you can make a “decent living." If this situation sounds similar to yours, it’s smart to take a step back and ask yourself: “would I rather have money and hate my life, or take a risk and do something I’m passionate about?” Keep a good head on your shoulders, I’m not saying to drop everything and major in interpretive knitting, but keep in mind whether you want to prioritize profit, or happiness and life satisfaction.  

If you eliminate these time wasters from your life, you can focus on things that actually make you happy. Strive for that 4.0 GPA that you’ve been pining for since freshman year, find your passions and most importantly, don’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of your aspirations and happiness.

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