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3 Reasons Why Dying Your Hair is a Beautiful Trap

Dying your hair is a great way to express yourself and change up your look, but it’s not as harmless as it seems. 

Reason one: Your roots

Getting a new color or highlights may boost your confidence, but in four to six months your color will fade and your roots will grow out. Sure it’ll take a while for your roots to grow out, but life moves on, and before you know it your roots are 2 inches long showing your true hair color. You have three options: 1) Dye your hair again, any color you desire, 2) Dye your hair your natural color to match your roots, 3) Let your roots grow out so your hair looks reverse ombre.


Reason two: It’s expensive

Your hair color is fading and your roots are growing out, looks like it’s time to dye your hair again. You desperately need to refresh your color, but it’s going to hurt your bank account. Getting your hair cut and colored looks and feels great, but it’s terribly expensive if done by a salon professional. Do you get your hair done and feel fabulous yet hungry? Or do you save your money and desperately try to hide your roots?


Reason three: It damages your hair

Damage to your hair is inevitable when dying it. Even if you dye your hair with the healthiest brand of dye with essential oils and conditioners to help, the damage is still done. Especially if you are bleaching your hair to dramatically change your color. Sure the transformation from dark to light hair looks amazing, but you are essentially frying your hair.


Once you dye your hair, you are trapped into maintaining it. Whether it be refreshing your color or your roots, you are always spending a good amount of money and damaging your hair in the process. Good luck to us all in trying to escape the colorful trap!



Ashley is a Senior at Virginia Commmonwealth University majoring in mass communications concentrating in print & online journalism. She is the Senior Editor for Her Campus at VCU and a member of the Society of Professional Journalists at VCU. She is an avid coffee drinker, dog lover and dreamer. She hopes to one day be a reporter for a newspaper, magazine, or an online version of the two.
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