3 Apps That Make Long Distance Relationships a Little Easier

Almost everybody has an opinion on long distance relationships (LDR).  Some believe they’re possible if you’re willing to try, others think not being able to see your significant other for months or even years at a time is too hard and puts too much strain on those involved.  With the massive amounts of technology available to us, it’s easier than ever to stay in touch with people over great distances.

I’ve been in a relationship for two years.  Before we left for college, we sat down and had a conversation about what we would do with our relationship while we were in two different states.  When deciding how we would keep our relationship alive during nine months apart, we came up with a list of apps to use to keep in touch. Here are the top three apps that have made my LDR easier.

1. Skype

My partner and I used to FaceTime almost every night when we were in high school and only lived 20 minutes away.  Now that we are in two different states, the connection is worse and calls get dropped all the time. We switched to Skype a few weeks after I moved to Virginia, and it has been working so much better.  Unlike FaceTime, Skype gives you a little window of the person you’re talking to if you open another page while using the app. This is really helpful for times when we want to have each other’s company but still have to get work done.

2. Google Calendar

Memorizing your own schedule is hard enough that you don’t want to have to memorize someone else’s. Google Calendar allows you to share different calendars with different with different people. You can enter your weekly schedule and see how it overlaps with your partner’s. This is also helpful for seeing when the two of you are on break from class and can maybe schedule a visit.

3.  Snapchat

This one seems a bit obvious, but hear me out.  I communicate with my partner via Snapchat because I enjoy seeing their face for a few seconds between Skype calls.  If I have a few minutes between classes or when I’m walking to class, I send them a quick selfie to show them that yes, it does get cold in Virginia, or to show them the cute dog that I just walked past.  And they do the same for me. Quick little updates throughout the day shows your partner that you’re think of them and you miss them.


If you're in an LDR, I hope these tips helps you and your partner keep in touch!