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In every friend group, there’s the “mom” who makes sure everyone is taken care of at all times. There’s also the “baby” of the group who needs a voice of reason in their life at all times. One special friend in your group might actually be the “grandma”; someone who acts significantly older than they are and exhibits some grandma tendencies. If you can’t think of who that person in your squad is, it might be you. Here’s how you’ll know for sure:

1. If you don’t have plans set in stone at least 24 hours in advance, there’s no chance in hell you’re going out.

You need advance notice if you’re going to be forced to socialize because you’d need to move your bedtime.

2. A 10 p.m. bedtime is the usual for you.

Sleep is prioritized over everything. You’re friends know that when they text you at 9:30 p.m. asking “what are you doing?” you’re going to reply “getting ready for bed”.

3. “Sleeping in” means sleeping until 8 a.m. at the latest.

An early bedtime means an early morning. When the sun is up, you’re up.

4. You complain about how annoying “kids” are on social media.

Despite being a young adolescent on social media yourself, you still find that other people your age are too risque on your timeline.

5. Baking comes naturally to you.

Cooking is iffy sometimes, but baking comes like second nature. Next step: Cupcake Wars.

6. You reminisce on how “back in your day” there was dial-up internet and flip phones.

But really, everyone needs to know how hard it was to take care of your Neopets with dial-up speed and how revolutionary it is to have internet access on a smartphone.

7. You take days to recover from a night of going out.

If you make it to a Friday night, you’re exhausted from your weekly routine that you just want to sleep. How do people go out Friday AND Saturday nights?

8. You aren’t one of those people who can eat whatever they want and not worry about gaining weight.

We all have that one friend who eats everything and anything without worry. You have never been and never will be that friend.

9. You’d rather drink wine than take shots.

Most of the time when someone hands you a shot, you pass it off to a more wild friend. When can I go home, get in my pajamas and drink a glass of wine again?

10. You refer to people younger than you as “kids” or “children” even though you’re barely older than them.

You’re not doing what all of the people your age are doing, so that automatically makes them a minimum of five years younger than you.

11. You’re always down to be the DD.

I don’t have to drink or party at all? Say no more!

12. If your friends can’t decide if they want to go out or stay in, you try to convince them to stay in. I

’m not saying I don’t want to go out, but I am saying that the newest season of How to Get Away with Murder just hit Netflix.

13. You can’t keep up with pop culture.

You’ve never been and never will be one of those people who recognizes an artist on the radio right away or knows who to fangirl over.

14. You’re always shocked by your friends’ stories from the night before.

Actually now that you think about it– Today’s youth in general just wears you out.

15. You’re always prepared.

You’re the one who is always carrying tissues, hand sanitizer, extra hair ties and snacks. You’re also shamelessly the one who brings a jacket on a night out. You need to be prepared for everything.

16. You complain about things being too loud.

Television volume, music and people talking; it doesn’t matter what it is– It’s all too loud.

17. Your friends have to explain slang terms to you.

You frequent Urban Dictionary way too often. How were you supposed to know what “I’m hip” or “af” meant?

18. You explain a lot of concepts to your friends.

Since you don’t speak in slang terms, your friends often ask you to explain words and concepts to them.

19. Everything you do is old school.

You’d rather get a letter in the mail or talk on the phone instead of texting, and if your date doesn’t open the door for you you’re just not interested.

20. Your friends have to persuade you to go out and you have to persuade them to stay in.

You guys, we went out three weekends ago, can’t we stay in this time?

21. Your friends come to you for advice.

Being a grandma has made you have a lot of patience in listening. You also love to tell stories to your friends.

22. You’re always early.

You live by the motto “if you’re not 15 minutes early, you’re late.” You always have to awkwardly wait for your friends to arrive 15 minutes after the designated meeting time.

23. If a party starts at 8 p.m., it starts at 8 p.m.

You’ve never understood why people tell you the party starts at 8 p.m. and then are surprised when you show up at 7:45.

24. You’d rather be in a long, committed relationship than have lots of random dates.

You prefer to be settled down rather than worried about finding time to date around.

25. Knick-knacks and collections are kind of your thing.

Call it an obsession if you want, but knick-knacks kind of complete your life. You’re attached to a lot of random items that hold an unreasonable amount of sentimental attachment.

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