20 Sober Friend Dates that Aren't Lame

This may come as a surprise to you, but you don’t have to be drunk every time you hang out with friends. And if you feel like you do, you may need to reevaluate those friendships, or just life in general. College isn’t all about having great nights you can’t even remember. It’s about new experiences that you’ll never forget.

While you and your friends may love a good happy hour or champagne-infused brunches, I’ve compiled a list of 20 alternatives that don’t need a drop of alcohol:

1. Hiking

Find a nearby trail, throw on some comfy walking shoes and conquer nature together. It’s an amazing way to catch up with friends while burning off Thanksgiving dinner. And all that fresh air and nature means total and utter bliss.

2. Apple picking

One of my fall favorite activities (although I just went this past weekend and the trees were literally completely bare). So maybe save this one for next fall and go early!

3. Go to a concert or music festival

Pretty self explanatory and no, you don’t have to be lit to have fun.

4. Visit the VMFA or another museum

Why not become a little more cultured on your best friend date? The VMFA is always a good choice if you’re living in Richmond and is only a walk away. You can literally find a museum catered to your interest if you just search it on Google.

5. Take a trip to Target or the mall

Why is it that going shopping for random stuff you don’t need is so much more fun with friends by your side? Grab a cart and hit every single section to see what kind of shenanigans you can’t get into as you search for clothes and art supplies that will probably just sit in your room.

6. Explore your city

My friends and I love to take late night drives to edges of our city that we’ve never even seen before. But I would recommend going during the day so you can actually see what’s around you in the daylight. Be a tourist in your own city and visit the attractions that you thought you were to good for. Hint: they’re a tourist attraction for a reason, so there must be something cool about it.

7. Go ice-skating

While I prefer skating rinks that don’t involve super slippery frozen water, it’s that time of the year where this becomes a very popular outdoor activity. It’s even more fun when you’re not a pro at it!

8. Netflix & Chill

I mean, yeah, this is usually reserved for that guy you’ve been talking to for like a week, but it can definitely be a great alternative to going to the movie theater with your girl friends. And why not switch it up by playing some classics like Dirty Dancing, which is my absolute favorite movie. Oh wait, that’s no longer on Netflix because Netflix doesn’t know a good movie until it’s gone. I’m a little bitter...

9. Late night Cookout run

Not sure why, but this seems to be something that my friends and I do almost once a week. I mean, it’s relatively cheap and honestly I think alcohol would really ruin this date considering you’ll most likely be driving there. So yea, there’s that.

10. Game night

I'm talking old school Monopoly, Uno, Clue and Scrabble. None of that new technological crap that you play on your phones (no offense). Just lay out some mocktails and snacks and get ready to play into the wee hours of the morning because some people’s competitiveness causes them to never let the games end.

11. Have a photoshoot

You don’t even have to be a professional photographer to do so. Just grab your iPhone which I’m sure you never leave the house without it anyway, wear something cute and scout out the perfect spot to take some new Instas.

12. Go to an amusement park

I think we all can agree that amusement parks are amazing no matter what age you are.

13. Have a bonfire

Maybe it’s because I have a slight addiction to roasted marshmallows, but hosting a bonfire is pretty high on my bucket list. Just choose the location wisely because I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to create an open fire in a public area. Maybe host it in your backyard.

14. Try out a new sport or activity, like surfing or skateboarding

Yes, I realize that this could potentially cost a lot of money because surfboards are definitely not cheap. But if you have a friend that surfs, ask them for lessons. You’ll both have fun as you try something you’ve never done before.

15. Take a road trip

Even if you don’t have a destination in mind, hitting the road with friends is always a great time. Make a playlist so y’all are constantly jamming out to your sick tunes, pack some snacks and just drive.

16. Hit up a new coffee shop or bakery

I mean, there’s not a lot better than photogenic coffee and freshly baked pastries. Find somewhere new that you’ve never been before and y’all can either go and people watch or pack your laptop and get some homework done in a calming environment.

17. See if there’s a carnival in your area

18. Go to the farmer’s market

I absolutely love going to the farmer’s market and it’s a great way to support local businesses and get out in nature. Plus, I’ve discovered some really unique foods there. If you don’t have money, just window shop!

19. Take a new class at your gym, like yoga

It might sound dull, especially if you’re like me and going to the gym is one of your least favorite things to do ever. But look for something new that neither of you have ever tried before. It’s also a great way to stick to your New Year’s resolutions, assuming you’re one of those people that makes them.

20. Watch a bunch of YouTube tutorials and experiment on each other

Here are a few great “beauty gurus”: Casey Holmes, Laura Lee, Jaclyn Hill, Kayley Melissa, Milabu. I mean there’s literally millions so just find something you want to try out and go for it!

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