20 Major Keys to Surviving College

At certain points of your college career you will ask yourself why your life is a constant struggle. Tackling classes, homework, exams, projects and late nights is no easy task. Here are some major keys to surviving college: 


1. Caffeine

You’ve got to stay awake for class and all that homework; whether it be with coffee, tea, soda or an energy drink. Find your vice and drink up.


2. A planner/calendar

Having a planner and or calendar will keep you sane through college. Plan out your week in advanced so you don’t get surprised by due dates and meetings.


3. Naps

Take as many naps as you can during the week because you are going to miss them during finals. Even a quick cat nap can refresh you for your endless amount of homework and studying.


4. The Library

Go to the library as often as you can so you can be extra productive. Sure you could do homework and study at your dorm or apartment, but Netflix is too tempting. Meet up with your friends and have a library date. 


5. Study partners/groups


If you’re taking a tough class, setting up a study session with a partner or a group is essential. You can help each other understand the material and get ready for the exam.


6. Having a positive group of friends

Having a group of friends on campus who are always there to support to you and give advice is crucial. You are going to need them when you don’t do so hot on a test and to pick you up when you’re down.


7. Getting involved

Getting involved in a student organization on campus whether it be a sorority/fraternity or a club, helps you meet new people and become active with campus life.  


8. To-do lists

Writing a to-do list every night before the next day will help you keep track of classes, homework and extracurricular activities you have that day. When you wake up you are already prepared to face your day.


9. Getting textbooks rented or used

Don’t buy overpriced new books unless you absolutely have to. Either rent your book or buy it used so you can sell it back for some extra cash and save money in the long run.  


10. No early/late classes

Most of us can barely make it to an 11 a.m. class, so don’t punish yourself by taking an early morning or late night class unless you don’t have a choice.


11. Planning your schedule for next semester  

When the schedule comes out for the next semester, plan out your schedule as soon as you can that way you’re prepared to register and hopefully get all of your classes.


12. Making your dorm/apartment your second home

Coming home to a cozy dorm or apartment from a long day of classes and studying at the library feels amazing. Decorate it with pictures of your friends and family, inspirational quotes and make sure there are plenty of pillows and blankets.


13. Meeting with your advisor

Make sure to meet with your advisor before every new semester to make sure you are on track for graduating and for your semester coming up. If you are too busy, at least email them with your questions.  


14. Internships

When your schedule allows free time in your junior and senior years, take internships that will give you plenty of experience with your area of study and look good on your resume.


15. Balance

Balance is a difficult thing to keep. Balancing classes, homework/studying, a social life, family, relationships, working out and extracurricular activities. It might take some time to create the perfect balancing act.


16. Free stuff

Free food, drinks, t-shirts and school swag; whatever you can get your hands on that you could possibly need. Free treats are a broke college students' favorite thing.


17. Asking questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions especially when it comes to your academics, ask your professors, teaching assistants or advisors. The more you know the more successful you will be.


18. Eating healthy when you can

It’s hard to eat healthy in college when you live in a dorm and have a meal plan. Once in a while get a salad, steamed veggies, or fresh fruit that taste and feel good.


19. Going out with friends

Going out with your friends every once in a while will help blow off some steam from the stress of college. Whether it’s drinks, dancing, dinner or just Netflix; catching up with friends and laughing at stupid things will always make you feel better.


20. Alone time

Decompressing in bed watching Netflix by yourself after a long day always feels well-deserved and needed. Everyone needs some alone time, no shame.


Even if you follow these religiously, college life will always be the ultimate struggle. Just know that the memories, friends and experiences you’ve had and are going to have at college are worth the struggles and tough days. Never give up on studying your passion and getting that degree!