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12 Signs You Have a Real Friend

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if someone is friends with you for the right reasons. The reasons should be because they simply enjoy your company, you make them laugh, you support them, you give them advice, etc. Real friends don’t say negative things or mooch off of you. If you are trying to figure out if someone is a real friend, here’s 12 signs that they are.

1. They support you endlessly

Life isn’t always easy, but your friend is always there to pick you back up and tell you that they are always here for you no matter what.


2. You laugh about the stupidest stuff

When you’re around them you find yourself crying because you’re laughing too hard. You guys might laugh about the stupidest and most irrelevant stuff, but who cares, as long as you both think it’s funny and have a good time together.


3. You can do absolutely nothing together

You can sit there watching TV, scrolling through social media, or doing homework and have the best time together. You don’t have to go all out with a real friend, you simply enjoy each other’s company.


4. They listen to your problems

Real friends are basically free therapists. They will sit you down when you’re upset, listen to you explain your problem and give their honest advice on how to help you, whereas fake friends ignore your problems and focus on themselves.


5. They make you a priority

With busy schedules, it’s hard to find a time to hang out with someone. But if they are a real friend, they will be sure to make and find time to see you and catch up with you.


6. You are comfortable around them

You can be makeup free with sweat pants on around them and they will never care. Real friends take you and love you as you are.


7. They feel bad if you pay for them

Real friends feel horrible if you pay for them. They will tell you they don’t like Starbucks when you know they need a little boost. A real friend also pays you back or returns the favor later on.


8. They like all of your stuff on social media

They are always one of the first people to like your status, tweet or picture on Instagram. It’s just an unspoken agreement between real friends to be each other’s biggest fans on social media.


9. They stand up for you

If someone says something bad about you, your real friend will immediately shut it down. They will defend you till they are blue in the face, and you would do the same for them.


10. They hang out with you even when in a relationship

Some people fall off the grid or stop hanging out with their friends once they are in a relationship. Real friends try to balance it out and make time for you.


11. They will put you in your place

If you’re being incredibly stupid and making horrible life decisions, a real friend will be there to sit you down and tell you like it is.


12. They meet you halfway

You take turns contacting each other and doing favors for each other, it’s not a one-way friendship.


When you find a real friend, be sure to cherish and appreciate them. Hang out with them when you’re not busy and keep laughing at the little things together.

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Ashley is a Senior at Virginia Commmonwealth University majoring in mass communications concentrating in print & online journalism. She is the Senior Editor for Her Campus at VCU and a member of the Society of Professional Journalists at VCU. She is an avid coffee drinker, dog lover and dreamer. She hopes to one day be a reporter for a newspaper, magazine, or an online version of the two.
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