12 Makeup Must Haves

There are certain products that every girl must have in their make-up bags. Here are a few:


1. Lengthening mascara

If your lashes are lacking length and volume, get a mascara that will pump them up. People will be envious of your amped up lashes.


2. A beauty blender 

It may look like just a sponge, but it’s actually life changing. It makes blending your concealer, foundation, and other liquid makeup ten times easier. 


3. Makeup brush cleaner

Don’t keep applying makeup with a dirty brush, the longer you wait to clean your brushes, the more bacteria grow on your brushes, which then make their way onto your beautiful canvas. 


4. Moisturizer

Make sure to invest in some quality moisturizer to keep your face fresh, soft and ready for makeup. 


5. Primer 

Create a smooth face with matte primer, it’ll hide your imperfections and create that finish that is undeniably flawless.


6. Finishing/setting powder

Set your face makeup with some finishing or setting powder so your make up is crease and oil free. 


7. Matte bronzer

Create that chiseled contour with a matte bronzer, it’ll shadow perfectly under your cheekbones.


8. Illuminating highlighter

Highlight above your cheekbones, your brow bone and the tip of your nose to get that fresh faced dewy look.  


9. Neutral eyeshadow 

The classic ‘nude’ look is always flattering, get an eyeshadow pallet that has plenty of neutral eyeshadow colors to create a variety of looks. 


10. Smudge proof eyeliner


Whether it be liquid or pencil, you don’t want your eyeliner to move. Find a smudge proof product so your eyeliner and wings stay on point. 


11. Lip stains


Lip stains are a sure fire way to keep color on your lips all day. Whether it be matte or glossy, never let your lip color die.


12. Dark circle concealer


Under eye dark circles are inevitable, especially in college. A dark circle concealer will correct the dark circles and keep them hidden all day.



Don’t hesitate to try these makeup products! With these must haves you will always be ready to pull off any makeup look.