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12 General Thoughts While at Starbucks

We have all been there - sitting at starbucks wondering if we should've gotten something else instead or wondering what the person next to us got. Here are some general thoughts that run through our heads at the ultimate coffee stop!

1. I should try something new. 

I heard someone say that latte was good. Wait actually I'm too obsessed with my normal order, never mind. 


2. How hard could it be to make this at home?

I could probably just buy all of this stuff at the store and save a lot of money. But it wouldn't be the same.


3. Do they have any discounts for college students?

Four dollars for a tall drink is not budget friendly. 


4. This line is so long, it's going to take forever!

Is it even worth it? No. But I'm really craving starbucks so I'll just stay in this never ending line. 


5. Whip or no whip?

Do I need all of those extra calories and sugar? No. But I had a salad for lunch and I deserve a little treat.


6. Hey, that drink looks like mine!  

Oops that's not my name, this is awkward. 


7. This isn't what I ordered 

But it would be awkward and rude to ask them to make it again. 


8. That coffee cake looks really good, or that cookie or cake pop!

But it's also extra money and calories. 


9. The barista made my drink just right

Shout out to them for creating this masterpiece, keep doing you boo!



10. I secretly have dibs on that table in the corner.

Ugh someone took it, let me glare at them while I sip my delicious latte from across the room. 


11. Should I get another drink?

My wallet is saying no, but the smell of espresso is telling me yes. 


12. That's not my name?

But it is my drink. I didn't think my name was that hard to spell, but okay.  


Starbucks has saved many of us on those late nights and early mornings. Regardless of how much we love it, these thoughts always come to mind!

Ashley is a Senior at Virginia Commmonwealth University majoring in mass communications concentrating in print & online journalism. She is the Senior Editor for Her Campus at VCU and a member of the Society of Professional Journalists at VCU. She is an avid coffee drinker, dog lover and dreamer. She hopes to one day be a reporter for a newspaper, magazine, or an online version of the two.
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