11 Things That Happen When You Get Your Nails Done

I never thought I would be the type of girl that prioritizes getting her nails done, but nowadays it is very important. Having your nails done is an instant confidence booster. It also seems like at school or in the workplace, women often have their nails done. Gel or acrylic, having longer nails can make you look important and put together. Here are some things that happen right after you get your nails done:


1. You feel like the baddest b*tch in town. It doesn’t matter what outfit you are wearing. If your nails look good, then so do you, boo. Nails that are done can make you feel confident even on your lowest days.

2. You sound like you’re typing with an attitude all the time. Whether it’s on your cell phone or on a keyboard, the way you type is pretty loud. You don’t even do it on purpose but it’s inevitable.

3. It’s hard to wipe. Sometimes you just hate using the bathroom. And sometimes, the toilet paper is just a little too thin…

4. Doing your makeup is hard. Getting in your inner corner is almost impossible and concealer always finds its way under your nail.

5. You break a nail and it’s literally the end of the world. I always thought those “OMG I broke a nail,” type of girls were doing the most, but now I see that breaking a nail is a serious issue.

6. You can’t wait to change your nail color again. You start to realize your polish doesn’t look the same color anymore, instead a weird version of what it should be. Plus, it’s always fun switching things up to match colors to the current season.

7. Everyone always wants to see them. When you get that fresh new paint job, everyone at work wants to see those babies! “Oooh, you got your nails done?” “Yes girl, look!”

8. Sometimes people even wanna see them when they’re growing out! Now this is when things get embarrassing. Like, please don’t grab my hand. You don’t want to see how crusty and chipped they look!

9. You kind of regret getting them because they’re expensive. Yeah, gel does last longer but that means money gone faster.

10. Guys actually notice. I’ve noticed that every time I get my nails done, a guy seems to always compliment the way they look and the color. It’s definitely not a priority or anything, but it does make a gal feel good inside.

11. You can’t wait to take them off. There are times you just want short, healthy nails again. It’s nice to take a break for a little.

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