10 Thoughts You Have When You Can't Find Your Student ID Card

Ah yes, your student ID card. One of the most valuable things in your possession as a student of your university, and also one of the most annoying to keep track of. What was it? A wild night out? A messy room? A backpack that swallowed your wallet to the upside down? Either way, we've all been there, and we've all had these thoughts. 

1. Wait, but I just placed it back in my wallet. Maybe you had it out while waiting on RamSafe or you just paid for your Chick-fil-a meal with your dining dollars. Point is -- you know you had it. 

2. Pants pocket? Jacket pocket? Bra? Honestly, there's no way you misplaced it. 


4. Definitely has to be in your backpack or purse. Come on. This bag holds everything, it's just a matter of rummaging through all your supplies. 

5. Yup. Definitely left it at the CFA/Taco Bell/That shady spot on the compass. Definitely. Ladies, let's go. 

6. Annnd it's not there. There's no way I'm getting a new one. Not even when freshman me made so many makeup/hair mistakes. I want my original card. 

7. Ok thinking about it, it might be worth it. A new photo might do me justice.

8. *checks bank account* Ok, but $20 replacement fee or happy hour at Little Mexico? 

9. It. Has. To. Be. Here. Somewhere. I'm not irresponsible. It was here. Come on. 

10.  And in the case you do find it - AHA!!!