10 Things You Should Never Say to a Redhead

Common assumptions and misconceptions occur no matter your hair color or color of your skin. Here's some things you should never say to your redheaded family, friends, or strangers:

1. "Is that your natural hair color??"

Do you think dye can reach this level of coppery perfection? *hair flip* But really, if a natural redhead had a dollar for every time she heard this in her life she would have enough money to dye her hair any color she liked at least three hundred times. 

2. "Hey, Carrot Top!

Ha, hahahahaha, ha. You're killing me. Wow.

3. "Do you have a soul?"

Regardless of any of the misinformation "South Park" has been spouting, redheads do in fact have a soul and are not in cahoots with the devil, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

4. "You're so pale!

Yes, and in the 1800s that was considered the ideal standard of beauty, what's up? 

5. "You have so many freckles!"

Yes I do. No you may not count them. And yes I do have to burn quite badly to earn these.

6. "Can I touch/take a picture of your hair?"

You'd actually be surprised how many times a redhead is asked this. No, that's weird. You don't see me asking random brunettes for hair samples, do you?

7. "Are you the redheaded stepchild of your family?"

I don't know who invented this saying, but I have a few choice words for them. Your stepchild would be LUCKY to have these beautiful red locks.

8. "So you're Irish, right?" (Or anything having to do with leprechauns or Saint Patrick's Day)

No, I am American. You can trace my family lineage if you like, but there will be no pot of gold to reward you, sorry not sorry.

9. "Does anyone in your family have red hair?"

Even if both of my parents, all of my grandparents and Eve herself had red hair, how is that ANY of your business?

10. "Does the carpet match the drapes? ;)"

First of all, ew. Second of all, you should be so lucky as to know. Thirdly, ew.