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10 Things That Happen When You Reunite With Your Long Distance Boyfriend

We can all admit that long distance dating is hard. Whether you are an hour or a plane ticket away, the best feeling is when you finally reunite with your SO. These are 10 things that will most likely happen once you are finally together. 

1. Waiting feels like an eternity

For some reason, each day feels like years. You just get so excited and happy that you just lose your sense of time.

2. Hugs become tighter and warmer

Corny, but true. You have to make up for all the hugs that you couldn’t get until now. Hold them tight and never let go (at least for a few minutes). 

3. Deciding on a place to eat is almost impossible

Is it just me or deciding on a place to eat is impossible!? You want your date to be perfect, but then at the same time you and your SO can’t seem to pick the perfect place to eat. Not our fault that there’s so many options.

4.  When you finally decide, you are genuinely happy with your bae (and the food, of course)

It may have taken a while for the both of you to decide on where to eat, but at least you decided and enjoyed yummy food together!

5. Your dates become super corny and that’s OK

Pillow forts, candle light dinners and walking under the moonlight. They are all part of any romantic movie that you’ve watched. Who wouldn’t want that in real life?

6. Time flies so fast, you wish for more hours in a day

They say time flies when you are having fun, you won’t feel that any more than when you are with each other.

7. Your schedule revolves around them for the amount of days you are together

There’s so many things that you want to do, but when you have even the slightest chance to be with each other, all you want to do is spend the day together and that’s OK. Physically being with each other is a big part of a relationship.

8. Endless cuddles no matter what the season

We all know summer cuddles are the worst. But when you know you won’t always get to cuddle when you want to, then even in 90 degree weather, cuddles are acceptable.

9. Your intimate times are great 

Let’s just say the passion and love has built up since the last time. You can’t wait to express that to each other. 

10. You both look forward to the next reunion and embrace it

The hardest part is saying goodbye and counting down the days till next time. But in the end, you know they are worth the wait.

Long distance relationships are hard, most of the time your relationship is through text, phone calls and face time. But keep counting down the days and hold on to the fact that it’s not “goodbye,” it’s “I’ll see you later.” 

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Gargi is currently part time editorial team member at Her Campus as a sophomore at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her hobbies include drawing, blogging and painting. You would most likely catch Gargi eating Panera and binge watching to New Girl or Once Upon A Time. Although she is a biology major, she find writing inspiring and a way to express feelings that she can't say in person. She sees herself working in the Public Health field in the future.
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