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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.
Hype Boy – NewJeans

The first time I heard this song, right from the get-go, I was obsessed with its infectious R&B sound that feels straight out of the 2000’s. NewJeans broke barriers by staying away from the overproduced, noisy sound of the fourth generation of K-pop. They make music that is easy on the ears, instead playing with their ability to catch the audience’s attention with their smooth voices and gripping choruses. 

All I Wanna Do – Jay Park feat. Hoody & Loco

In my opinion, this song is iconic in that it travels the line between Korean R&B and Pop. It’s a laid-back song that emphasizes the catchy rhythm. The features in “All I Wanna Do” provide the song with more layers to explore the feminine voice of Hoody and the relaxed, easygoing rap of Loco making it a must-listen for new K-pop enjoyers. 


As a fan of I*ZONE and all their respective members over the years, IVE has killed the scene in terms of music quality. LOVE DIVE is just one of those songs—the perfect synergy of soft yet powerful vocals and a catchy, elegant chorus.

I Am the Best – 2NE1

This song is just pure hype personified. The second generation of K-pop saw the icons 2NE1 make their mark with their confident personas, captivating stage presence, and affectionately strange outfits and styling that are consistent with their wacky but self-assured image. 

Solo – Jennie

Depicting a girl who’s left alone after an insincere and distant relationship, Jennie confidently declares herself going ‘shining solo’ in this minimal beat and chill rap.

MIC Drop – BTS (Steve Aoki Remix)

Even the beginning build-up to the first chorus of “MIC Drop” is enough to hype you up for this song. It features BTS’ iconic rap line taking over the majority of the song, while the vocal line takes care of the autotuned, infectious chorus. 

Fancy – TWICE

It wouldn’t be a complete list without introducing TWICE, one of my favorite K-pop groups. While their songs tend to be more palatable to a Korean audience, I find that “Fancy” is a nice introduction to the world of TWICE. It’s their debut into a more mature sound, and I find that their evolving music while keeping their signature style is a key staple of what makes K-pop so great.

Bang Bang Bang – BIGBANG

It took some true pondering whether to include this song or Call Me Baby by EXO, but I ultimately decided that this song is the classic essential for anyone looking to dance their heart out at a social gathering. It’s powerful with a strong beat and just the right amount of energy to get you up on your feet. Just yelling “총 맞은 것처럼, BANG BANG BANG!” is enough to start off any Saturday night right.


I took an instant liking to “LOCO” the second I heard Yeji’s beginning “loco” and the subsequent introduction of the powerful beat. There’s something about the unique voices of ITZY, a 5-member group, that draws you into their sound and world.


Out of all the BLACKPINK songs I’ve listened to, I find that this song is the one that captures most people’s attention from the get-go. It exemplifies BLACKPINK’s infectious girl crush sound by combining sweet vocals and a fast rap to establish one of their most addicting songs.

Courtney Te is a Graphic Design major and a Psychology minor at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is passionate about animals, writing and graphic design.