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10 Must-Have Lush Products

Lush Cosmetics has revolutionized the skincare industry. Not only are the products all-natural, but they also cater to a wide variety.

WARNING: I am not responsible for any purchases made after reading this article.

1. Brazened Honey Face Mask

This face mask is a necessity in your skin routine if you’re like me and have combination to oily skin. On the website, Lush Cosmetics describes Brazened Honey as a deep cleansing mask that will get rid of dirt and excess oil. Also, fun fact: due to its all-natural properties and being made just days before selling, all of Lush’s face masks are sold in-store only.

Brazened Honey retails for $8.95 in Lush Cosmetics stores.


2. The Buffy 
One of the best known exfoliator/body butters at Lush is The Buffy. Just as the name states, it is a way to make your skin extremely smooth and moisturized. The Buffy contains ground rice, almonds and beans that act as the exfoliants, while cocoa and shea butters leave the skin perfectly moisturized.

The Buffy retails for $12.95.

3. Bath Bombs

So, there are about 30 or more bath bombs sold by Lush Cosmetics, and even I haven’t tried them all yet (I’m working on it). However, some of my favorites include the Sex Bomb, Tisty Tosty and Twilight. All I have to say is be prepared to Instagram your bath bomb and clean up glitter/confetti after.

Bath bombs retail anywhere from $4.50-$8.95.

4. Cup O’ Coffee 

If you love the smell of coffee and extremely soft skin, this face and body mask is definitely for you! Cup O’ Coffee is made of coffee grounds and many other natural ingredients. This is one of my personal favorite products from Lush, and I always recommend it. Also, as a bonus, this scrub contains caffeine which helps keep you looking energized.

Cup O’ Coffee is vegan and retails from $10.95-$19.95.

5. Tea Tree Water

Another one of my all-time favorite products is the Tea Tree Water toner. This product acts to keep the skin bright, balanced and hydrated. Unlike toners sold elsewhere, Tea Tree Water does not contain alcohol due to its ability to irritate and dry out sensitive skin. Also because I have an extremely oily T-zone, this product helps to keep the oil under control. 

Tea Tree Water is vegan and retails from $10.95-$22.95.

6. Ocean Salt 

Ocean Salt is likely one of the best-selling products at Lush, and I think everyone knows why. It makes you feel like you are on a tropical vacation with a margarita in your hand. Ocean Salt contains fine and coarse sea salt, lime, vodka and coconut oil. This product is best used before shaving to remove dead skin and to hydrate. I promise, once you try it, you will never stop.

Ocean Salt retails for $21.95.

7. Grease Lightning 

Grease Lightning is another one of my everyday products because it contains tea tree infusion, which is super helpful in spot treating pimples and calming redness. This product is also tremendously helpful in controlling excess oil.

Grease Lightning retails for $14.95.

8. Magical Moringa

Magical Moringa is a product unlike any other. For all you oily-skinned makeup fans, this product acts as a moisturizer and a makeup primer. What makes this product so “magical” is the moisturizing argan oil, cocoa butter and assortment of natural oils as well as the mattifying properties of corn flour. Magical Moringa will never fail to make your skin look gorgeously smooth.

Magical Moringa is vegan and retails for $24.95.

9. Dark Angels 

I have never met a charcoal cleanser I didn’t like, and I absolutely love Dark Angels. According to Lush Cosmetics’ website, Dark Angels is “perfect for absorbing excess oils to leave dull, oily or acne-prone skin feeling fresh and matte.” And I would not disagree. My skin completely changed once I started using Dark Angels regularly. This product not only contains charcoal, but it also contains black sugar as a gentle exfoliator.

Dark Angels is vegan and retails from $13.95-$33.95.

10. Charity Pot

Last but certainly not least, the charity pot is one of the most important products at Lush Cosmetics. Not only does this lotion smell incredible and moisturize your skin, 100 percent of the proceeds are donated to grassroots organizations working toward causes such as environmental conservation, animal welfare and human rights.

Charity Pot is vegan and retails for $7.95-$27.95.

Images 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 taken by Hailey McQuiller

Hailey is a part-time photographer and full-time student, studying Biology at Virginia Commonwealth University in hopes of becoming a radiologist. In addition, she volunteers with various service organizations on campus. When she isn't volunteering or studying, Hailey enjoys judging coffee shops based on their caramel lattes, spending too much money on shoes, and exploring Richmond.
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