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What to Wear on NYE

Exams are over and winter break has begun- you now have permission to sit around on your butt and do nothing for two weeks. However, in almost no time at all, you’ll be attending an amazing New Year’s Eve party with all of your friends, taking pictures that turn into Facebook albums, and ringing in 2013 with a bang. If you want to get your next profile pic out of your NYE experience, I suggest you take a peek at some of the dresses below and start planning your look! It takes a lot of work to look truly awesome at a party, so with all of this time on your hands, it’s best to start now! Plus if you buy your dress before Christmas, you’ll have incentive to stay away from those plates of Christmas cookies during the holiday- you wouldn’t want to have to buy two dresses, would you? :) 

Bloomingdales Sue Wong Dress- Open Back Feather Hem, $528

J.Crew Collection Framed Bow Dress, $398

Kate Spade Justina Dress, $398

Bloomingdale’s Backstage Dress- Alexandria Cutout, $143

Antik Batik Trocadero Shirt Dress in Silver/Gold, $539

If you want to look extra special, I recommend you go to a hairstylist the day of (book your appointment now!) so you can get a blowout with some body or a loose updo- both looks are really popular right now and will go perfectly with any dress you choose! And remember to keep your makeup light- nothing looks worse than smudged eyeliner after a long night! 

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