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Week 7 of “The Bachelor”: 5 Times I SMH at Nick

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Vanderbilt chapter.

This week of “The Bachelor” has me shook, y’all. I am fuming at Nick Viall right now because he is actually the worst. Mind you, this is also the only season of “The Bachelor” that I have watched since Dr. Travis Stork’s season in the mid-2000s. I’ve heard Juan Pablo was worse, but still, I am so frustrated with Nick’s decision making. Nick even tweeted: “In Bachelor world there is no such thing as an EASY D!! Tonight is no different. So many hard D’s. Very tough decisions. #theBachelor”

1. The choice to send Danielle M. home

Danielle M. was my OG favorite for this season. As soon as I saw that she was from Nashville and adorable, I hoped she’d make it far. She did get the first one-on-one, but tonight, on her second-on-one, she and Nick were having trouble keeping a conversation going. I don’t think Nick gave her much of a chance, though. He easily could have kept her until the rose ceremony and talked to her more then to be 100% sure about his decision. It seems that as soon as someone says they can see a future with him, he freaks out and sends them home, unless they’re totally perfect and he sees no flaws with them.

2. The choice to give Raven the group date rose

This was the only good thing Nick did this week. I screamed out of excitement and relief that Corinne didn’t get it. 

3. The choice to let Corinne into his hotel room

After his own mistakes with Kaitlynn on her season of “The Bachelorette,” Nick should have known to not let Corinne walk in after she knocked on his hotel room door. He should have known to not let her take his hand and lead him into his bedroom, closing the door behind her. Nick kept asking, “Oh, what do you want to do? Oh, why are you here? Oh, what’s your plan?” and acting coy, when he knew exactly why she was there. There’s something in Corinne that Nick sees in himself, that same villanious streak perhaps? Even though he knew he was being filmed and that this could get back to the other women, he went into the bedroom with Corinne. He just barely redeemed himself by sending her home before actually sleeping with her, but who knows what actually happened behind closed doors?

At least, we have this gif. Corinne’s voice will be stuck in my head for the next week, though, claiming that “My heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum.” 

4. The choice to stay on the show after throwing a temper tantrum

The fact that Nick even entertained leaving this show annoys me. This is the FOURTH time he has signed up for this. If he can send people like Danielle L. and Danielle M. home, two women who he claimed to have connections with, but keep Corinne, then he is screwing himself over in this process. He’s continuously not giving chances to intelligent, funny, beautiful women and keeping a 24-year-old with a love of cheese pasta and indentured servitude. I get it, she’s FUNNY, but let us watch her on “Bachelor In Paradise” and get her off this show. 

Thank Goodness, he remembered that he’d be in debt from the legal fees for the rest of his life if he broke that iron-clad contract.

5. The choice to send Kristina home

When Nick was crying to Chris Harrison about sending the next woman home, I was thinking, “No….no….he can’t be shedding tears for Corinne. That’s impossible. It’s gonna be Kristina, but I won’t believe it till I see it.” 

When I saw it, I started screaming. Screaming like I had just seen a ghost because I was shaking my head so hard that I DIED. Kristina is an actual gem of a human being, and he had a great time with her. The almost-sex with Corinne was too good, I guess, and those producers whispering in his ears were just too convincing. 

Overall, most of my complaints with Nick this week were about his decisions to keep Corn–as the “Rose Buddies” podcast refers to her–around over the quality women who I have come to adore this season. These women are too good for Nick.

I’m only watching “The Bachelor” so I can already be acquainted with the next “Bachelorette” (note: by the time I finished this recap, Rachel had been announced as the Bachelorette–WHAT?!) and the contestants on next season of “Bachelor in Paradise” (my favorite show in the “Bachelor” empire). I may quit “The Bachelor” after this one and only season, unless Chase or Luke come back from JoJo’s season to save the day.


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