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The Vicious Cycle of Dorm Room Living You Must Reverse ASAP!

It is profoundly easy to let your room get messy, and lately, I’ve been experiencing that firsthand. As the week progresses, my desk, floor, and closet become jumbles of clothes and papers until Sunday, when I spend a good chunk of my day getting everything back to normal. But when Sunday swings around, I actually want to murder myself looking at all the cleaning I have to do.

My excuse is that I am too busy to clean during the week, but this is not a worthy excuse. It would take seconds to hang up a dress, but instead, it is the beginning of a pile of discarded clothes going unworn that particular day. It would take minutes to bring out the vacuum for a quick go-around before dinner, but somehow I find a way to get around it. So let me tell you this: cleaning up is worth it. Spending those minutes and seconds putting your things away gets rid of the mess and the stress, leaving you with a free Sunday AND a desk to study on during the week. 

Why should you spend your precious time putting things away? Well, besides freeing up your time in the long run, your roommate will be thrilled with your habit of cleanliness. And on the topic of avoiding the vicious cycle of messiness, you cannot expect your roommate to take out the trash or vacuum- sad but true. If you want to be clean, do it yourself. No one is happy living in a pigsty, and a clean room will only help your relationship with your roommate later on, especially as school becomes more stressful and our level of irritability increases. 

Again, what takes just seconds can leave you with a giant mess if you aren’t careful. Don’t be like me. It is still relatively early in the school year and there is still time to get into good habits. So while I struggle to change my ways, I hope you can work on keeping your space nice and neat!

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