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A Very Unspecial Senior Year Bucket List

The beginning of the end and the end of my beginning. As what I plan to be my last year at Vanderbilt begins, I’m compelled to create one giant “To Do” list for this academic year. I almost always have New Year’s resolutions. I’ve done the 101 in 1001 challenge, and I make a list of things to accomplish each summer.

Continuing this unofficial tradition of mine, I’ve decided to come up with 14 things I want to do before graduation day. The number fourteen is completely arbitrary, and a number of the things on my list are activities or experiences I’ve already had. But the significance of this list is that these are all things that I specifically want to be a part of my senior year.

I’ve set some rules and regulations about what could and what could not make it onto my To Do List: Vandy Senior Year.

First and foremost, the most obvious one is that they all have to be do-able. As in no passive experiences or activities that would be done unto me. Secondly, no recurring events. That rules out the ever popular “read a book a week” or “eat a vegan diet for 14 days” type line items. The third and final rule is to be as specific as possible. The more specific the better, and, to be honest, the more effort I’ll put in to making sure everything gets accomplished. So with that being said…

  1. Study in an E. Bronson Ingram courtyard

  2. Run the 1 Mile loop around Centennial

  3. Get a new iPhone

  4. Tell someone I love them… and then explain to them why

  5. Buy a Christmas present for all of my siblings

  6. Meet Elaine Welteroth

  7. While at a coffee shop, ask a cute guy for his number

  8. Spend the night in Abigail’s Chaffin

  9. Watch the sunset from a rooftop bar

  10. Buy a Feu de Bois Diptyque candle

  11. Randomly plan a trip home and then actually go

  12. See Florence + The Machine live in concert

  13. Get a price estimate for a tattoo

  14. Dance on a dance floor full of people

Muna Ikedionwu

Vanderbilt '19

Muna is studying Medical Humanities & The Arts and Corporate Strategy at Vanderbilt University. She loves supporting small businesses, watching indie films on weekends, and can talk for hours about anything from the newest addition to her skincare routine to how the digitization of political news has changed society for the better. Her motto is "Be fearless. Be authentic. Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters."
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