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Two Spring Trends that will Spice Up Your Wardrobe!

The weather is finally starting to change in Nashville, and I know that you are all excited to dig into your closets and pull out your favorite skirts, shorts, and pretty blouses. I know I am! Ladies, it is time to put away your fabulous rain boots and embrace spring fashion.
Spring fashion can often be a little overwhelming because there are so many trends. It is difficult to figure out which ones to follow, let alone which ones will suit your body type. This is why I am going to help you incorporate two spring trends that will easily fit into your current wardrobe. You will be happy to know that adopting these trends does not involve spending hours in the dressing room trying on clothes that look as though they belong on Lady Gaga. That’s a bonus, right? The two spring trends I am talking about are blue and green jewelry and neon shoes.

1. Blue and Green Jewelry: Posey Park Statement Necklace by Kate Spade

This necklace by Kate Spade would be a fashionable addition to your accessory drawer, with both a trendy color scheme and unique, bold flower detailing. You can never go wrong with flowers in the spring, but this year, floral items seem to be even more popular than usual. This is a timeless piece of jewelry and would look stunning with almost anything. I suggest wearing it with a brightly colored blouse and dark wash denim, but honestly, this necklace will spice up any item of clothing and make it fashion-forward for the spring.
2. Blue and Green Jewelry: Michael Kors


I don’t know about you, but as someone who loves earrings, I think these are pretty special and would be a perfect addition to any springtime outfit. There are no limits when it comes to these earrings. They would compliment any outfit, but orange or coral would really make them pop. For all of you ladies who have sorority formals and are looking for that missing piece to your outfit, either of these picks from Michael Kors would do the trick. Although I think the dangly pair is more appropriate for the evening, both can be worn either day or night. They are very versatile and will definitely be wearable throughout the spring and into the summer.
3. Neon Shoes: Steve Madden Eternal Flat

As much as I love neon clothing items, I don’t like wearing them head to toe. That is why this pair of bright orange flats by Steve Madden are perfect for spring. They show that you have incorporated the neon trend into your wardrobe without dressing like you’re headed to an 80’s disco. They add just enough color to an outfit without being overbearing, and the stud detailing on the back makes them look just edgy enough. Also, because these flats are pointed, they will automatically make your legs look longer- and who doesn’t want that when wearing springtime skirts and shorts?
Spring fashion does not have to mean buying a whole new wardrobe. By adding these trendy accessories to clothing pieces you already own, you can be fashion-forward and ready for the beautiful weather.

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